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a civil commissioner appointed to supervise the duties and discipline of the police

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A spokesperson for the Police Commissioner said: "Jane's campaign really went to the heart of the government and I think this is made clear in today's announcement.
The police commissioner said: " There are a total of 23 criminal cases of cheating registered at Rajendra Park Police Station since 2014 against this company.
Mohammad, from the Karimnagar district, suffers from blood cancer, and was inspired to become a police commissioner by a number of policemen in his family.
Police commissioners are a Tory pet project that's failed.
The public in South Sudan is demanding for their rights to be respected", UN Police commissioner, Fred Yiga, reportedly told a workshop held in Juba.
NEW laws governing North taxis will put vulnerable passengers at risk of attack by bogus drivers, police commissioners are warning.
MEET THE POLICE COMMISSIONER (Channel4, Thursday, Thursday 9pm) THIS Cutting Edge documentary hears from Ann Barnes, Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent (pictured), who was initially against the introduction of the Commissioner posts and was adamant that the whole idea was naive.
I have spoken to Jodhpur Police Commissioner last night and told him to investigate the case at every level, and ensure action based on truth and facts," Gehlot said.
The office of Gwent police commissioner Ian Johnston has a PS987,700 budget for 2013-14 - some PS190,000 more than the final year of the previous Gwent Police Authority.
CLEVELAND'S Police Commissioner has defended his record on openness and spending.
Pradeep, the second accused, was apprehended from Bihar in a joint operation by Delhi and Bihar Police, Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar said.
POLICE commissioner Winston Roddick has confirmed that two rural crime police officers will be re-established.
Summary: London Mayor Boris Johnson and Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe talk about helicopter crash in Vauxhall.
Summary: Lieutenant Governor Tejinder Khanna has called a meeting with senior city police officials, including the police commissioner, special commissioner law and order and transport commissioner.
POLICE commissioner Bob Jones labelled a decision not to reduce the cuts faced by his West Midlands force as "grossly unfair" yesterday.