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a car in which policemen cruise the streets

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It is also not the first time a police car has been targeted by arsonists in Wrexham.
A police car on its way to a 999 call in Whitley Bay collided with a white Nissan Juke near to the traffic lights at the entrance into West Park.
Within seconds, other police cars turned up as well as two fire engines and ambulances.
Police confirmed the police car was not responding to an emergency at the time of the incident and was on routine patrol.
Judge James Burbidge said: "ere was, a deliberate ramming of the police car.
on A spokeswoman confirmed the police car did have its emergency lights and sirens on.
The spokesman of Baghdad Operations Command, Brigadier General Sd Mn said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today that through our follow-up of what said in some media, about the theft of 4 ambulances and 3 police cars in Baghdad to target Husseiniya processions, we conducted necessary investigations to know the truth, and after making contacts with those concerned, they have denied this information, therefore this news is untrue.
A group of men threw stones at the police car transporting detainees from a vehicle registration center in Fawwar, in Zghorta, the source said.
The device is placed at the rear end of the police car so the police car has to get in front of the vehicle which is being pursued.
I would like to see many more police cars but that's not going to happen any time soon.
He then drove towards the Ayia Fyla roundabout where he hit another police car and a vehicle carrier as the first police car tried to cut him off in the chase.
40pm on Friday, an unmarked police car responding to an emergency call was travelling along Gatley Road at the junction with Kingsway, Stockport.
The force said only minor damage was caused to the police car and Nani's PS180,000 Bentley.
A MAN has appeared in court accused of stealing a JCB and causing damage to a pursuing police car.
Smash: Damaged bus and police car A POLICE car responding to an emergency call collided head-on with a bus yesterday.
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