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a boat used by harbor police

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Triggering the 'Nearchos' national search-and-rescue plan, the JRCC despatched a port police boat to pick up the 42-year-old Philippino sailor.
Until they started shouting at me I assumed the police boat was nothing to do with me,' he said.
So, there I was with a brand new PWC, trying to pull along side a shiny police boat with two stern looking policemen who I'm sure would much rather be spending the day with their families than pulling over knuckleheads.
Your kids can push the boat out this Christmas - with the LEGO FCity Police Boat FREE with the Daily Mirror today.
A police boat swiftly sailed out and forced the trawler to turn back.
A SPECIALIST police boat which will carry out high visibility marine patrols to combat crime and terrorism has been launched on Merseyside.
SHREWSBURY - The town is selling a retired police boat on eBay.
I opted for a $21 motorized police boat, 20 percent off, and quizzed the manager, Elizabeth Vartanian, on whether she had any odd Black Friday stories to share.
So if your youngster has survived growing up on Sarasota Bay, thank that blond guy in the Sarasota police boat next time you see him.
After ensuring the occupants reached the safety of his police boat, Officer Nicholls then attempted to suppress the flames with a fire extinguisher.
The 82-foot cutter Point Highland, a 42-foot search and rescue utility boat and a New Jersey State Police boat with a Coast Guard boarding team also responded to the call.
A Cyprus port and marine police boat on Tuesday night rescued a diver who had gone missing at sea in Protaras, Famagusta.
The police boat was patrolling the seas when it encountered the three boats.
A police boat, a fire department boat and a yellow taxi boat accompanied the Enterprise as it sailed past the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Centre site and other landmarks en route to the Intrepid in central Manhattan.
An RAF helicopter, a lifeboat and a police boat were launched.
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