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the brightest star in Ursa Minor

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I am keen for Polestar to remain as entrepreneurial as possible, said Mr Samuelsson.
The Polestar is four-wheel drive but even this bit has been tweaked so that 100 per cent of the torque can be delivered to either the front or rear axle.
There is a saloon version of the Polestar but Volvo UK says that it doesn't think there will be a demand for it here so it's not coming.
Based on Volvo's V60 T6 all wheel drive R-Design estate the Polestar ups the ante in no uncertain terms.
The Polestar, based on Volvo's V60 T6 estate, is the most complete performance Volvo ever
By joining The Code, Myanmar Polestar has committed to focus on implementing The Code's six criteria and work against the issue of child sex tourism.
A specialist car turning firm in Sweden, Polestar has had a longstanding association with Volvo.
Polestar is a company built on touring-car racing, after all.
The team will go by the suitable name Volvo Polestar Black R.
PoleStar was formed in December 2009 following the acquisition of Heinz's UK frozen desserts business.
The carp weighed-in at 56lb with a fine score of 85 per cent of the UK record and wins Andy, 28, a senior computer engineer, a Shakespeare Polestar Power Margin pole with a Polestar Margin Top 2 kit.
Polestar Pilates certified teachers & training.
Polestar, which prints the Radio Times and Country Life, said ownership of the firm will transfer from Bahrain-based investment bank Investcorp to its creditors.
Carr, published by Polestar in 1998) and two biographies.
Comprised of such stories as: The Captain of the Polestar, The Case of Lady Sannox, The Fiend of the Cooperage, The Horror of the Heights, J.