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Synonyms for polarize

cause to vibrate in a definite pattern

cause to concentrate about two conflicting or contrasting positions

become polarized in a conflict or contrasting situation


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Catholic Common Ground originated in the concern that the tendency to unnecessarily polarize differences among Catholic leaders and members hinders the efforts to strengthen the faith community and to carry out the mission of the church.
But in terms of how language polarizes and your example of the dean's comment, I want to answer that in a second way.
Previously, it was thought that the fish's skin -- which contains "multilayer" arrangements of reflective guanine crystals -- would fully polarize light when reflected.
CME structures polarize more light the greater their angle from the line of sight between Earth and the sun.
We will polarize lanthanum nuclear spins by using a dynamic nuclear polarization upon a paramagnetic electron spin resonance (ESR) in a single crystal of a lanthanum compound.
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