polar glacier

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a glacier near the Arctic or Antarctic poles

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It has further been pointed out that the Himalayan glaciers melting will have a much more immediate and direct impact on human beings than the eventual threat posed by the melting polar glaciers.
The Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets, which is based at the university, planned to use the UAV to measure ice thickness at the bottom layers of polar glaciers.
In one scenario, patterned after the event that occurred 8,200 years ago, polar glaciers continue to melt, the waters of the North Atlantic lose their salinity, and the flow of the Gulf Stream ceases.
Swan described the explorers' astonishment to find the the polar glaciers were already melting there in mid winter, for the first time ever, he believed.
7 SCIENCE that "a well-defined layer of radioactive cesium is now present in polar glaciers, providing a new reference for estimating snow accumulation rates and dating ice core samples.