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Even now, the mystery of Pol Pot continues to enthrall the world, with some sources claiming that the body burned yesterday was not the dictator's.
The United States had consulted Thailand and other countries about efforts to capture Pol Pot and put him on trial before an international court, US officials s aid in Washington last week.
Since Pol Pot and his close associates adhered to the communist ideology and were leading a Communist Party it could also be tempting to explain the misdirected policies in Cambodia during the DK years and the human rights abuses caused by their ideological convictions.
Conversely, if a POL is accredited by COLA or JCAHO's LA program, duplication does not occur.
It is expected that most testing performed in POLs will be categorized as moderate complexity under the regulations.
Pol Pot usually devotes a full day of classes to the political and social ramifications of the tripartite coalition with the N.
He further said that current increase in POL prices would cause a constant increase in the prices of the all commodities, including the essential items.
After the Khmer government fell, the United States lobbied at the United Nations for the Khmer Rouge to maintain Cambodia's seat while Pol bled the Vietnamese in a simmering war to regain control.
And the advent of several casinos in many former Khmer Rouge towns near the Thai border has meant the site of Pol Pot's cremation on a mountain in Anlong Veng has become a place of prayer for gamblers and those in ill health who seek luck or cures from the ''spirit'' of a man whose bloodthirsty policies led to the systematic extermination of nearly 2 million Cambodians.
Production: POL is currently producing close to 10,000 BOPD, 47 MMSCFD of Gas, 160 M.
Tea Banh said Pol Pot was moving in a narrow strip of territory on the Thai border, but his whereabouts had not been confirmed.
Pol Pot, the man responsible for creating all these death camps, should face his victims in a proper trial.
Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge army has fallen apart, with most of his Maoist guerillas deserting him and siding with the government.
These physicians were contacted by telephone to determine their practice affiliation, their clinic's size, and whether they had a POL.
If a physician wishes to continue to perform one or more of the tests that are listed in Level II, the POL will be required to meet the same stringent standards that a hospital or commercial laboratory must meet.