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Synonyms for poised

Synonyms for poised

marked by balance or equilibrium and readiness for action

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in full control of your faculties

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With major expansion of the broadband access subscriber base and the increasing competition among Internet service providers, the Internet services market in Asia Pacific is poised for significant growth.
With $73 million already in its domestic till and virtually no box-office dropoff last weekend, the Elizabethan romantic comedy is poised to goose its earnings, perhaps even achieving a $100 million domestic gross.
The steeply inclined road meets the site obliquely, so the garage and extended boundary wall look like a plinth for the poised monumentality of the house proper, further up the slope.
Companies' nanotech teams are poised to grow 74% by 2008, and today, 60% of the companies we spoke with feel a shortage of nanotech talent," said Lux Research's Director of Research Mark Bunger.
Their conclusions--The market seems poised for recovery in 2004; Interest rates are likely to rise nad; A trend toward condo conversions is sweeping the state.
We were poised to take military action, and we remain poised to take military action,'' said Berger.
With the worst behind us, our real estate market is now poised to make a major move.
Along the way, it also had a major growth spurt: ``Bringing Down the House'' (Interscope) is a collection of poised, patient songs that are fully mature and beautifully realized.
With the current interest that Sales Simplicity is generating among America's largest builders, Sales Simplicity is poised to move dramatically up-market in 2007, with the addition of marquee customers among the Builder 100.
Like Union Square and Bryant Park after their respective revitalization efforts, the blocks abutting Madison Square Park and the surrounding neighborhood are poised to see an increase in leasing activity when the commercial market begins its cyclical leasing upswing.
National Title and Settlement Services Provider Poised for More Growth in 2007
Poised for the upswing in the economy, Westchester County provides an urban/suburban alternative to users just 25 miles north of New York City.