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Synonyms for pointless

Synonyms for pointless

without aim, purpose, or intent

lacking rational direction or purpose

Synonyms for pointless

not having a point especially a sharp point



serving no useful purpose

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Since then we've seen the futuristic Velodrome at the Festival Garden Site, another terrific asset for the city, pointlessly demolished for development which has likewise never happened.
Louis always knew the truth that his own father had played an important role in the decision which allowed Cypress Parish to go under pointlessly.
Well not before they agreed to have pins pointlessly stuck in their ears-or wherever.
it would seem we will have to get used to being pointlessly disturbed during the night.
Meanwhile the landlord would end up having to pointlessly pay for a lawyer to start the suit, not to mention forgo receiving their rent on time.
Awkward transitions and bits of unengaging text made the piece self-indulgent and pointlessly retro, more so in that both dancers are movers of the first rank.
Scissorhands is a five-minute Gen Game round stretched pointlessly over two weeks.
Never showy, never pointlessly clever, Lang has always written the type of solid songs that seem primed for other artists to cover.
Now, while nothing in Wayne Kramer's pointlessly vile movie is as subtle as this rather desperate marketing ploy, you have to give the studio's hucksters points for recognizing that their product is nothing more than an overly long video game masquerading as a movie.
It is mind-boggling in its absurdity that some, entrusted with leadership within the hierarchy of underwriting associations, would inflict demoralizing degrees of pointlessly invasive micromanagement upon their all-volunteer army.
As Michael Kahn worries that America is becoming "less interested in language as a vehicle for communication"--a trouble Shakespeare theatre opposes--American Theatre proves his insight by blazoning a trite rhyme pointlessly referencing a decidedly un-Shakespearean film.
It is, however, perhaps weakened by a rather pointlessly guidebook-ish form; do the publishers and author really expect a significant audience for such a limiting Grand Tour-ism restricted entirely to Europe's modern churches?
The CD ends with a pointlessly punkish rendition of the CD's title cut by Henry Rollins.
Blood will continue to be pointlessly shed on both sides," Edelman wrote.