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Synonyms for pointless

Synonyms for pointless

without aim, purpose, or intent

lacking rational direction or purpose

Synonyms for pointless

not having a point especially a sharp point



serving no useful purpose

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On top of the money, of course they also took home a coveted Pointless trophy.
Aside from Pointless - which has seen Armstrong and Osman film over 200 more episodes over the past eight months - the TV star and comedian is preparing for the release of his second album.
Hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, Pointless Celebrities features four pairs of celebrity contestants playing to win money for charities of their choice.
However, we are far from a potential agreement and that is why we consider this debate pointless and unnecessary," Kyprianou said.
The quiz was touted as C4's answer to Pointless and was pitted against BBC One's top daytime show.
Luckily, presenter Richard Osman is there (minus his Pointless co-host Alexander 'Xander' Armstrong) to quell our nerves - and admit that he's not super-confident either.
30pm Lee has always seemed like the sort of bloke who would have a store of pointless knowledge, so this week sees him making an appearance on the perfect quiz show for a man of his talents - Only Connect.
A prime example of the lag came in the form of BBC's Pointless programme, which featured Stephanie alongside her elderly friend Pearl.
Pointless Alqaeda The most interesting thing about this dangerous organization is how pointless it really has become.
I always look forward to watching Pointless on BBC1 but I've been a little confused lately.
It's pretty pointless stuff, but it struck me as being somewhat apposite in racing's current climate, for were 100 racehorse trainers to be asked what is responsible for most of the injuries to their horses, they would give you answers like treading on a stone, tweaking a tendon while racing or working, taking off after being frightened by a car or lorry or getting cast in their stable.
This relationship between effort and value is so closely associated in a consumer's mind that wanting the best outcomes automatically results in increased preference for any outcome associated with effort, even pointless effort.