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54] Correa A, Escobar JS, NoyaO, VelasquezLE, Gonzalez-Ramirez C, Hurtrez-Bousses S, Pointier JP.
Adecidedly spiky piece of architecture is about to make the city's Millennium Point a lot pointier.
antipodarum acquired several parasites that are potentially pathogenic to their definitive hosts, including parasites from the family Sanguinicolidae (Gerard & Le Lannic 2003, Pointier et al.
2 TO BEGIN Place the oyster on the chopping board with the pointier of the ends towards you.
Point out that the shark has the most teeth; the lion has very long, sharp, pointed cuspids; the horse has big, squarish teeth; the elephant has tusks and large flat teeth for chewing; the chimpanzee has teeth that look a bit like the human's but with pointier cuspids.
Ahmadinejad's address is far shorter, pointier, than his effort on Wednesday, delivered to tens of thousands of supports in Beirut's southern suburbs.
This is sort of a hybrid between the pickle-forked Sunesta Wide Techs and pointier SSi bowriders--call it the pickle spork.
Some dancers think if they get in pointe shoes earlier, they'll develop stronger and pointier feet," says Richardson.
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Facon B, Jarne P, Pointier JP, David P (2005) Hybridization and invasiveness in the freshwater snail Melanoides tuberculata: hybrid vigor is more important than increase in genetic variance.
Pointier JP, David P, Jarne E Biological invasions: the case of planorbid snails.
Even Marc Jacobs, who is surely Coco Chanel's successor in his tireless promotion of the sweet and girly look, has pushed aside his beloved mouse pumps (literally, ballet pumps with little beaded eyes and whiskers fixed on the tip) for decidedly more grown-up and less rodentesque pointier toes, at both his own eponymous label and in the current collection for Louis Vuitton.
Some need pointier screwdrivers than others, and if you use the wrong sort a cross-headed screw is more prone to having its head chewed up than a slotted one.
Ever since then they've had an attitude problem with shoes ( the higher, the pointier and the sillier the better as far as they're concerned.