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Synonyms for pointedness

the property of a shape that tapers to a sharp tip


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the quality of being obviously directed at a particular person or thing

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The 29-year-old's letter has been circulated around the world, and branded "world's best passenger complaint letter" on account of its pointedness and humour.
It is also a questionable first step, however, for of his books treating French political and philosophical engagements with Atlantic slavery (all of which, given the intellectual environment in which they appeared, understandably contain elements of polemic), Dark Side of the Light is the least scholarly and most polemical, in form, content, and pointedness.
Yes, I gave up the idea of seeing myself as 'one person' a long time ago," Shawn told an interviewer recently, with a characteristic placid pointedness.
Her responses to his repeated challenges, and the pointedness of her questions ("Well demanded, wench", 139), would seem to rule this out.
Compelled by the exigencies of revelation and the pointedness of this objection, he searches for a metaphysical category beyond the pair of substance and accident.
eschewed epigrammatic pointedness when addressing the truths of her
It seems too, therefore, that the pointedness of these yoked
The actual transcript of the Cannon speech, dated 28 July 1928, is in "CI Congress, 7-28-28--Comrade Cannon," Reel 6, Russian Center, PRL, and differs in the sharpness of its assault on the Lovestone leadership and in the pointedness of its conclusions, from the above published versions.
I personally think the pointedness of this letter is stronger,'' Ding said, citing the reference to Sino-Japanese relations.
West regards the terms with which the goddesses accost Hesiod as "typical" of the way in which divinities speak to humans, (17) but I would suggest that the pointedness of the Muses' abuse, as well as its coarse and unwarranted nature, goes beyond the typical.
Occasionally Mullen removes the blur of her nearly indeterminate linguistic instability in order to enhance the image of the volume's social and political pointedness.
Although the motif of questioning that provides the dramatic momentum of "Fire Watch" gives pointedness to the observations and reflections that make up the narrative, it also results in a potent theme derived from Merton's dialogical exploration of the intellectual and spiritual poles of his psyche with its diurnal and nocturnal cycling.
Rather, they expressed a chronic experience of unease--with increasing frequency, pointedness and clarity.