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Synonyms for point out

point out carefully and clearly

present and urge reasons in opposition


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Many manufacturers point out that the quick coupler seems to be more of a phenomenon in the European scrap market, where yards tend to be smaller and mobility is more of a factor, says Sutherland.
Bynum point outs firmly, though in a generous voice, the deficits of accepted interpretations of these topics, especially those of literary and art historians, who tend to reduce them to matters of signification and essential dechotomies, and to make the Eucharist "the semiotics of the Middles Ages.
He relayed specific turns and visual point outs that were relayed through Mr.
As this month's StockWatch point outs, it issued a bullish statement along with its interims this time last year indicating that its restructuring, cost-cutting and product development strategy was paying off, with a good second half in prospect.
It was hardworking used-car dealers, Sajjad point outs, who built the several dozen mosques in Greater Tokyo in recent years.