point of intersection

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a point where lines intersect

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In Euclidean geometry, however, the lines remain at a constant distance, while in hyperbolic geometry they "curve away" from each other, increasing their distance as one moves farther from the point of intersection with the common perpendicular.
7434, the value equal to twice the point of intersection (36.
It is evident that the main factor influencing geometrical parameters of combined guys is the point of intersection of main and secondary guys (point A in Fig 2).
The book's premise is that the actor's impersonation of the dead body in early modern drama stands as a theatrical and ritualized point of intersection between the public spheres of science and religion and the private life (and afterlife) of the early modern subject.
The main idea governing the book is quite original: namely, that the category of "Place" serves as the point of intersection for a number of fundamental "triads" of concepts in philosophy, the most basic of which, for Vaught, are rime, space, and eternity, and mystery, structure, and power.
the point of intersection of all the hyperplanes), then reflecting a point on the surface of the hypersphere about a hyperplane (by means of an orthogonal projection through the hyperplane), results in another point also on the surface of the hypersphere.
309); and again, in Chapter 16, Wicks explicitly identifies recent sociological concerns with 'agency and practice' as a point of intersection with 'new nursing' theory and research but these and other similarly brief treatments weigh in lightly.
Individualism might after all be the most productive point of intersection for feminist politics, given that the real problem might be the resistance of patriarchal gender representations to first-person identification for women, who are always subject to rather than subjects of its discursive formations.
What point of intersection could two such disparate women-loving women possibly share?
He demonstrates convincingly that design can serve as the point of intersection for a host of disciplines: art, film, video installation, multimedia, fashion, and performance.
Because they are a group racialized as "white," the assumption is that a German identity would represent a privileged point of intersection.
The major point of intersection proves to be power: social, political, jurisdictional, and discursive.
Hot glue the two antlers together at this point of intersection with the two bases of the antlers reaching upward and the points facing downward to make candlestick legs.
Construct the sides of the triangle AB, BC, AC, and the medians BD, CE along with their point of intersection G.
First, it discusses history at the point of intersection between three different polities and does not apply the nation-state "cookie-cutter" approach--looking only at developments as they relate to a state-centered narrative (thus framed by political borders).