point of intersection

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a point where lines intersect

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If the "tie in" leg is longer than 16 feet from the elbow point of intersection (PI), then no other old bar wrapped steel cylinder pipe joints would need to be field welded as the restrained length would be 16+ feet due to the elbow leg length plus 40 feet for the first piece of bar wrapped steel cylinder pipe totaling the required 56 feet.
This validates our analysis that instead of considering the point of intersection as threshold, we are aiming to reduce the overall error by simultaneously reducing the [P.
We denote by K the point of intersection of the chords AC and BD.
The Hub also acts as the point of intersection for broadband wireless networks and broadband optical networks as a result of the installation of two 150 foot tall radio towers on the roof.
It describes how contemporary art's forms are related to conventions of earlier traditions, with the Victoria and Albert Museum as an example; the role of authorship as a point of intersection between artists, collectors, and institutions; Allan Kaprow's Yard and how art is remade as part of its interaction with later audiences; and the impact of the current art world, from biennial circuit to auction house.
As the point of intersection between Asia, Europe and Africa, with diverse civilisations located in each area, the Mediterranean region was destined to become a major trading hub with traders in ancient times exchanging commodities like spices and other food items.
The "Women Writers" project is a point of intersection of (traditional) literary studies and Digital Humanities.
Dr Rowan Williams "Today, it is the point of intersection between the kingdom of God, the values of God, and all the skill, the art, the problems, the politics of human beings.
p]--distance between IRS centre with point of intersection on GPS1 vertical and between a parallel line to the beam running through IRC centre.
1), will come to a point of intersection of the trajectories, then it is clear that the other one (B) must be removed from the center of the latter more than in the 2R.
Throughout the monograph, Kiening highlights not only the frequency with which family relationships are presented as dysfunctional and disturbing, but also the ways in which it is precisely these aspects which provide the point of intersection for the conflicting paradigms.
Although Meir does not make this point himself, one can see how education becomes a point of intersection between these various bodies of writing.
It is a "small but critically important point of intersection of foreign policy, national security and international religious freedom standards," the report said.
4) Bend the pipe cleaners 90[degrees] at each point of intersection and another 90[degrees] at each halfway point (see Figure 1).