point mutation

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(genetics) a mutation due to an intramolecular reorganization of a gene

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Working in cells taken from patients, Liu and his colleagues used their base-editing tool to correct a point mutation that causes hereditary hemochromatosis, a disorder that causes the body to absorb too much iron from food.
In addition to the duplication mutation, a deletion mutation and point mutations in PMP22 have been described in patients with inherited peripheral neuropathies as well.
After the single point mutation, the OFV is calculated for the mutated chromosome and check the mutated chromosome OFV is lesser than the parent chromosome OFV, then the parent chromosome is replaced by the mutated chromosome, else, the parent chromosome is retained.
paragraph]) ompA variant 39 contains a single point mutation compared with L2b/UCH-1/proctitis and has been deposited in GenBank under accession no.
In the adverse reaction group, nine children with the specific UGT point mutation developed leukopinia.
All four patients presented wild-type sequences (no point mutation either at codon 55 or at 57) at the P.
Some codons are more 'volatile' than others, in the sense that a point mutation to its DNA is more likely to change the amino acid that it encodes," says Plotkin.
An example of an SNP with functional consequence would be a point mutation in a gene that leads to a disease.
Initial studies into developing a series of fluorescent SNP detection probes have been performed using the point mutation of the human [beta]-globin gene known to cause sickle cell anemia as a model.
University of British Columbia (Vancouver, CA) has patented a single point mutation in the human lipoprotein lipase gene which results in an A.
The change of a single molecule, called a point mutation, in the genes that Hughes examined can alter the shape of a surface protein, disguising it from the immune system.
What we found is that if you have a single point mutation in the genome that can give rise to resistance to both drugs at the same time, the game is over.
For each point mutation locus, two PCR reactions in separate tubes were carried out in parallel for each DNA sample to amplify the target DNA with each of its two DNA references.
The paper "Targeted therapy and the T315I mutation in Philadelphia-positive leukemias" by researchers Simona Soverini and colleagues at the University of Bologna, Italy (Haematologica Volume 92, pages 401-404) offers insight into the growing therapeutic challenge presented by the T315I Bcr-Abl point mutation in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).