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of animals except birds and mammals

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The growth rate of a population of poikilothermic organisms such as ticks depends on thermodynamics, that is, at greater temperatures greater are the possibilities of reproductive success (3).
Since adult myiasis-causing flies are poikilothermic, their activity is affected by weather conditions (mainly temperature [9]).
For poikilothermic groups such as insects, the capacity to adapt to different temperature regimes is particularly important for invasive species.
During the current studies it was observed that higher fish production can be obtained in the warmer months than colder ones because fish is poikilothermic and there is considerable reduction in feed consumption and metabolism which is evident from the fact that Labeo rohita Catla catla and Cyprinus carpio showed themaximum increment in average body weight in the month of July and minimum in February.
Coloration in reptiles, as in other poikilothermic vertebrates, is determined by chromatophores (BECHTEL, 1995).
Most fish species cultivated in aquaculture are poikilothermic and are adapted to lower temperatures (Heuer et al.
2008), poikilothermic (cold-blooded) animals (Sutherst et al.
Ranaviruses are emerging infections in ectothermic and poikilothermic vertebrates.
Being poikilothermic, their metabolism and growth can be regulated by temperature.
Poikilothermic animals' body temperature varies in accordance with the ambient temperature of their environment.
However, beyond the general positive relationships between temperature and poikilothermic metabolism (Jobling, 1997), the temperature response for fish is highly variable among species and populations, necessitating the measurement of temperature effects on a species-by-species basis.
Teleosts are poikilothermic animals and thus metabolically influenced by their environmental temperature and it has been shown that at temperatures below their optimum, the generation of specific antibody, although not abolished, is slowed down (Avtalion et al.
Lizards are apparently found everywhere in many of the warmer parts of the world because of their poikilothermic nature.
The wide neotropical distribution of the palms, their varied antropic uses and morphological variability permits the formation of trophic chains; from invertebrates to poikilothermic and homeothermic vertebrates, which provide the triatomines with readily available reservoirs as blood sources.
However, potential for infection between homothermic hosts and poikilothermic animals has been demonstrated.