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an animal whose body temperature varies with the temperature of its surroundings

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Nonetheless, like the giant poikilotherms, Thylacoleo has not been dated to [Less than]30,000 b.
Studies of parasites which have developmental stages in both poikilotherm and homeotherms have suggested that thermal tolerance may be a common property of many parasitic organisms.
Temperature is assumed to be the most important environmental modulator of poikilotherm metabolism (Thompson 1984).
borealis, a poikilotherm, is strongly influenced by temperature and food availability, both of which vary widely spatially and temporally in its huge geographic range (~2400 nautical miles between latitudes 40[degrees]N and 80[degrees]N).
1-Temperature: All fishes are poikilotherms ('cold blooded') and are very susceptible to changes in their external environment.
The growth performance in poikilotherms is generally optimized at the lower range of the organism's thermal tolerance under low-food situations (Jobling, 1997), but there is a lack of such studies at life stages when organisms are dependent on endogenous resources.