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This trip found Emerson again in a buoyant mood, as he writes to his brother Charles on 12 September, "And we botanize & criticize & poetize & memorize & prize & grow wise we hope & I am your loving brother Waldo" (Letters 1:283).
To poetize not only legitimately but also spiritually, as Petrarch desired and did, he necessarily developed a poetics in contradiction to Augustine.
Here was no conflict involving a king and a prophet, no philosophical or moral conundrums to poetize.
Wilson's use of metaphors in his plays is accurate, precise, and powerful; it demonstrates the writer's awareness that to poetize the dramatization of the African American experience is to identify tropes that can bridge the gap between the visible and the invisible, between the permanent and the impermanent, and between the physical world and metaphysical contemplation.
He goes on to nominate him as "the founder of German being," calling him "the poet who first poetizes the Germans.
The biennale poetizes the city's natural and human habitat via art, and, through the medium of art, provides a poetic picture of the Jiangnan lake and river district on the south side of the Yangzte River.
When Stern poetizes Soutine at poem's end as "a ripped-open Jew .