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Look for the Oculas, podlike furniture, in the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" movie.
It was April, and creamy, podlike flowers topped those branches, beckoning birds and squirrels.
0 mm), irregular nodular and podlike masses, and massive tabular sheets.
I sometimes wonder whether some podlike process is not at work in the larger culture as well, allowing familiar forms to remain but replacing their old animating spirit with something new and alien, as if there had been a break in the chromosome that carried the traditional cultural characteristics.
An homage to Bruce Goff (1904-1982), it is set in the unorthodox composer and architect's podlike Ford House (1947) and lays a sound track, with lyrics sung by Prina, over views of the home's first floor.
Leave it up to the German designers at Siemens to unleash the elegant, podlike SL56.
Styling changes include lighter coordinated colors, redesigned and repositioned controls, thermostat graphics, flush podlike louvers and drop-down filter access.
Formalist analysis, as usual, blanks out content, and in looking again at that marvelous woodcut I saw how much terror must begin with the beauty of the breaking wave, how nearly as anguishing as being exposed on the raft of the Medusa it must have been to be in those podlike boats in the awesome trough, Mount Fuji all the while standing tranquil and quiescent in the distance.
Many of the drawings feature a single biomorphic form, its interior divided and subdivided into irregular cells, its edges sprouting podlike extremities (some of these look eerily like renderings of Lee Bontecou sculptures).
Emphatically attesting to Minimalism's current aura, the East Wing's squashed hexagons, triangles, and podlike vestibules were filled with his emanating objects, interiors taking on the lure of grottoes and sanctuaries (especially appealing when clusters of related works hummed and glowed together), while a modular green piece flashed from the lobby like Martian bling-bling onto Pennsylvania Avenue and the National Mall.
That they also resemble an aerial view of the podlike gangways that lead from terminal to aircraft gives this giant mound the appearance of an earthbound UFO, as if a massive spaceship had landed and taken root here.
Loy's twins by turn play the parts of patient, scientist, and ancillary worker: In Unterhaltung (Conversation), 1999, one twin reclines on a couch, her eyes masked by blue goggles, her head and body encased in brown, podlike cocoons.