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Synonyms for podgy

Synonyms for podgy

short and plump

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BRING out your perfect petunias and podgy pumpkins - the annual Slaithwaite horticultural show is back this bank-holiday.
Podgy pooches and fat cats will be put on special diets and given exercise regimes in a bid to slim them down.
A regular known as Podgy is en route to the bookies, so another drinker, John Davis, says: "Here, put pounds 20 on No.
As many people pledge to shed the pounds this January, vets are also urging animal lovers to get in on the action by taking a closer look at the health of their podgy pets.
PODGY leprechaun hacket Louis Walsh obviously hasn't looked in the mirror recently - he described Scots diet guru Gillian McKeith as having a face like the back end of a bus.
Apparently, they believe the podgy hairdresser has the perfect attributes for the "Lose the boobs.
This correspeondent has eaten enough humble pie to look podgy himself.
He was in his early 20s, podgy, with a "grown out skinhead haircut" and wore a round ring in his left ear and a square ring on his right hand, dark blue jeans and a dark hooded sports top with a pouch pocket at the front.
OWNERS of podgy pooches were advised to put their pets on diets and given advice on grooming by experts from veterinary charity the PDSA.
Podgy singer Biff Malibu is to Mick Jagger what Jake Blues was to James Brown.
One is a podgy buffoon whose mad ravings pose a threat to peace and stability in the region.
I didn't eat properly and I got podgy and ill until a good friend took me aside and said: 'look, John, you have got to stop this'.
The difference is these podgy, balding, beer-swilling cow punks from Arizona write songs other pub bands would gladly swap their wives and beer money for.
Rather than being the podgy, overweight, "out of control" eating machine the article painted, the Charlotte I saw was a beautiful, curvy and, most importantly, happy woman whose concerns refreshingly did not revolve around how to avoid food.
Mrs Fergus, 37, who has three children, said: 'I recognised his podgy face and evil eyes in an instant.