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a pustule in an eruptive disease

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While a generous portion of "Let the Bullets Fly" is dedicated to computerized chaos, explosions and mayhem, the subtle is always in competition with the ostentatious: In one lengthy scene involving Pocky, Huang and Tang at a table, discussing their diverse worldviews and hinting at their ulterior motives, d.
The final cut, "Seven-Ay Pocky Way," reminds you that this music was recorded in the Crescent City.
gt;>, ils donnerent la tournure la plus macabre a leur parodie, Pocky etant le produit le plus populaire de Glico (des batons de pain couverts de chocolat), le produit parfait pour un eventuel empoisonnement.
Faith, if a be not rotten before a die--as we have many pocky corses nowadays that will scarce hold the laying in--a will last you some eight year or nine year.
We believe the Company has tremendous assets, particularly the Pocky and Pretz brands as well as dedicated employees," Warren Lichtenstein, Managing Partner of SPJSF wrote.
We had the opportunity to localize the BMW promotion with world class Colorado athletes that created a buzz in our community and heightened interest in the tournament," said Pocky Marranzino, Co-President, "At the same time, we coupled the event to the great sports offerings available in Colorado as part of the appeal fro people to come visit our great state.
Shelves in his studio are lined with Hello Kitty trinkets, Pocky boxes and nameless plastic dolls; he loves pop culture references and uses the word "tacky" to describe everything he admires.
Ezaki Glico starts selling Pocky biscuit sticks in Vietnam
They sell pocky, t-shirts, manga, anime, plushies, and other related items.
In that lane, we're going with what they call the Pocky Mountain doubles and the adage of load it high and tight to get as much freight on that trailer as you can.
That means you can expect both a well-lubricated crowd in a party mood and gritty readings of classic Meters material including ``Sophisticated Cissy,'' ``Cissy Strut,'' ``People Say'' and ``Hey Pocky Way.
My satellite rivals are mostly middle-aged guys of all stripes: the anxious, the collected, the pocky, the sleek; ex-beatniks, ex-jocks, and exhippies.
ROBINSON - Simon & Garfunkel HOMEWARD BOUND - Simon & Garfunkel BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER - Simon & Garfunkel with Aaron Neville The Neville Brothers Introduction by Ed Bradley CARRY THE TORCH - The Neville Brothers The Meters Introduction by Ed Bradley HEY POCKY WAY - The Neville Brothers & The Meters AMAZING GRACE - The Neville Brothers & The Meters WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN - The Neville Brothers, The Meters & Guests WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN (Brass Band Reprise) - The Rebirth Brass Band & The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
We are honored to be working with them on their world-wide brand initiative," says Pocky Marranzino, Co-President of Karsh Hagan.