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Synonyms for pocket-sized

limited in size or scope

small enough to be carried in a garment pocket

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The dry powder formulation of Ostabolin-C will be administered using Nektar's convenient, pocket-sized dry powder inhaler.
100 Great Things About Texas is an enjoyable, pocket-sized trivia book filled with 100 "did you know?
Two pocket-sized books of his cartoons have been published by Orion at pounds 4.
I am following the same format, producing a pocket-sized book crammed full of anecdotes and memories of England's football matches," said Joe, of Summers Street, Blyth.
The pocket-sized book also includes more than 130 specially-commissioned illustrations, which make the book more appealing.
Features that were must-haves for professionals are now pocket-sized multimedia hubs, with bells and whistles even bibliophiles will love (see e-lending story above).
Administrators at Dibrell Elementary School in Warren County permitted representatives of Gideons International to hand out pocket-sized copies of the New Testament to fifth-graders.
About the length of a car key and the thickness of a highlighter pen, the pocket-sized Micro Vault storage media plugs into any USB-enabled computer.
Written by a team of researchers from the Duke University Medical Center, this pocket-sized text offers a sharp, clear, scientific look at the seductive array of steroids, supplements, and stimulants that are generally used for performance enhancement by athletes.
The company has added to its pocket-sized range with new books on Miami & the Florida Keys and Las Vegas.
PDAs a-re pocket-sized computing and wireless communication devices that allow you to access computers, fax machines, other PDAs, pagers and anyone who uses the Internet, at anytime from almost anywhere.
by doing keyword searches; and prints weekly, monthly or yearly calendars and appointments in several formats, including a pocket-sized sheet.
SubRosaSoft DasBoot[TM] helps you build a pocket-sized toolkit for your Mac - just the way you want it - and it's totally free
Greenberg's American Flyer Pocket Price Guide 1946-2010 offers a pocket-sized guide to buying, selling or trading any American flyer or other S gauge train in a collection.