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a watch that is carried in a small watch pocket

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Aviation and military history have been major, explicit influences on Bell & Ross, with collections called WW1, WW2 and PW1 (a collection inspired by the original pocket watches in the field).
com POCKET WATCHES A pocket watch is the ultimate accessory for your three-piece suit, crisp white shirt, oversized coat and leather boots.
Any pocket watches made by these companies will fetch high prices.
Pocket watches, wristwatches with Tiger's eye and Lapis Lazuli dials, watches with precious stones, watches made specially for rulers in and around the Middle East, vintage print advertisements, eye pieces, tools for fixing watches, logbooks from 1940 to 1979 -- all these and more are on display.
The rare coins and pocket watches were plundered along with eight bottles of whiskey, PS200 cash, two Victorian sovereigns, two pairs of 9ct gold cuff links, a rotary watch, a drill set and plasma TV.
London, March 17 (ANI): Sales of pocket watches have soared ever since the launch of 'Alice In Wonderland', which has made grandad's favourite timepiece trendy again.
The thieves used a wheelbarrow to take away the 19th Century clock, as well as a gold charm bracelet worth pounds 300 and a safe containing silver pocket watches and coins including sovereigns and half sovereigns.
This is a very accurate, very traditional and very slim drive mechanism of the so-called LE[umlaut]pine type intended for open face pocket watches.
Wrist and pocket watches, silver and gold coins and medals will also be considered for immediate cash payment.
Small black and white photos accompany detailed descriptions of makers, clues to watch dating and valuation, insights on production standards and manufacturing, and listings of all kinds of watches divided by type, from wrist watches to pocket watches.
PALMDALE - As jewelry appraiser Jennifer Thornton-Davis looked over Antelope Valley residents' family heirlooms and half-forgotten keepsakes a year ago, one woman brought in three old pocket watches.
They were gears for pocket watches, which he cleaned up and auctioned for $200.
Included in the sale were a selection of spy cameras in various disguises, such as coat buttons, cigarette lighters and gentlemen's pocket watches.
75 million set of four Patek Philippe pocket watches, one of which will accurately copy the chime of London's Big Ben clock tower.