pocket money

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cash for day-to-day spending on incidental expenses

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Mrs Duffy faced seven charges of dishonesty relating to the misuse of residents' pocket money.
The package consists of an app and a pocket money card for children.
So I've scrapped the pocket money app and gone back to coins.
It's also a pay rise of nearly 6% compared with 2015, when the average weekly pocket money payout was PS6.
Halifax, Part of the British government backed lender Lloyds Banking Group (LSE:LLOY), on Friday reported that children's pocket money has reached a nine-year high.
Children's pocket money has hit a nineyear high at an average PS6.
POCKET money has hit a nine-year high as families loosen the purse strings for the first time since 2013, research has revealed.
Parents are popping an extra 35p a week on average into their children's piggy banks, according to Halifax's annual pocket money survey.
Almost 80 per cent of children save some of their pocket money, with 12 per cent putting it all away.
PARENTS in the West Midlands are giving their children the smallest amount of pocket money in the country.
Of the 2,000 parents surveyed, the age when they started talking to their child about money was most commonly eight years old, the age that they start receiving pocket money.
CHILDREN'S pocket money payouts have risen more than twice as fast as their parents' wage increases since the late 1980s, research has found.
Pocket Money Cookery was initially produced via a crowdfunding project and given to a number of educational organisations, charity bookshops and schools.