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a dictionary that is small enough to carry in your pocket

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To start the ball rolling, I present some preliminary investigations for the Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary.
Not able to speak fluent Arabic, I gathered a few Arabic words in my mind that I could still remember which I'll use at the nearest restaurant (with the help of a pocket dictionary of course) Most of my communication were in sign language though, the waiter brought me a plate of what I learned to be humus some pickled cucumbers and a hard piece of bread.
I picked up a Collins Pocket dictionary in Smiths the other day and have been poring over it ever since.
Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary is now available for download to the iPod from iPREPpress.
This is no pocket dictionary, but rather a solid, hardback volume comprising more than a thousand pages.
The words were gallimaufry, maelstrom and nefarious, no doubt picked with a pin from his pocket dictionary.
Shadeg, former head of Denpasar diocese's Apostolate for the Pastoral Care of Tourists, produced A Basic Balinese Vocabulary, published in 1977, and Bali Pocket Dictionary, published in 1985.
Users can download a free trial of eReader Pro software, complete with Webster's New World Vest Pocket Dictionary, from http://ebooks.
It now includes the Webster's New Word (tm) Vest Pocket Dictionary, autoscroll and text justification, among other features.
Have you ever taken a pocket dictionary on vacation to France and struggled to use it?
The coat is equipped with perfectly adequate hip and breast pockets in which I can keep my sandwiches, cigarettes, lighter, pens, notebook, hankies, pennies, photos, identity pass, teabags, bus tickets, lozenges, shopping lists, pocket dictionary, aspirins and embrocation, deodorant squirter, sherbert dip, volume of short stories, scarf, cap and gloves.
Collins Gem, the first ever pocket dictionary was also launched that year.
But his minor creative adjustment is unrecognized, and the apocalyptic evening ends in melodrama, with Tearle shielded from a fatal knife wound by the Oxford Pocket Dictionary in his pocket.
In his luggage were the basic necessities for the job - two pairs of Levis 501's, a Japanese-English pocket dictionary and a three-month supply of seaweed and soybean paste.