pocket bread

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usually small round bread that can open into a pocket for filling

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Garnish with a dill sprig and olives and serve immediately with Toasted Pocket Bread Wedges.
Tip: Use for a dip with pita pocket bread cut up in triangles, or with baby carrot sticks, red and yellow pepper slices, or plum tomatoes.
A three-tablespoon shmear adds less than 250 calories, six grams of fat, and 450 mg of sodium to your pocket bread.
Even gooshy fillings like egg salad don't leak out the bottom when you bite into this pita pocket bread," said someone else.
Pocket bread is great for stuffing with tasty fillings.
Variations: This dough is excellent for dinner rolls, sweet rolls, pizza dough, pocket bread, bagels or burger buns.
Kashi[R] brands include: Kashi[R] GOLEAN[R] cereals, bars, shakes and waffles; Kashi[R] Heart to Heart[R] cereal, instant oatmeal and waffles; Kashi[R] 7 Whole Grain Puffs, Honey Puffs, Nuggets, Flakes and Granola cereals; Kashi[R] Organic Promise[R] cereals; Kashi[R] Honey Sunshine cereal; Kashi U[TM] cereal; Kashi[R] Vive[R] Digestive Wellness cereal; Kashi[R] Good Friends[R] and Kashi[R] Good Friends[R] Cinna-Raisin Crunch[R] cereals; Kashi Mighty Bites[TM] cereal; Kashi[R] TLC[TM] Crackers, Crunchy and Chewy Granola Bars, Cereal Bars and Kashi[TM] TLC[TM] Cookies; Kashi[R] All Natural Frozen Entrees; Kashi[TM] All Natural Frozen Pizzas; Kashi[TM] All Natural Frozen Pocket Bread sandwiches; Kashi[TM] 7 Whole Grain Pilaf and Kashi[TM] Seven Whole Grain Pilaf Sides.
School-made jumbo taco on whole wheat pocket bread with melted cheese, lettuce and tomato cup veggie sticks, pineapple cup and milk.
To fill pita bread, the traditional pocket bread from eastern Mediterranean countries, simply cut a thin strip from the top of the pita or cut in halves.
Makes 5-1/2 cups) 1 cup Robin Hood Cracked Wheat 1 cup Kretschme Regular Wheat Germ 1 cup parsley, snipped 1 medium tomato chopped 3/4 cup green onion, chopped 1/2 cup cucumber, chopped 1/3 cup yogurt 1 tablespoon mayonnaise 1/3 cup lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon thyme 5-6 pocket bread rounds, halved
Kashi Company, the premier natural food company, has created three new, all-natural Kashi([TM]) Pocket Bread sandwiches to make it even easier for everyone to heat and enjoy delicious foods made with whole grains.
Spread pocket bread with sauteed mushrooms and fontina cheese; bake until cheese is melted, then dollop with fruit chutney.
Just stir strips of beef in a frying pan, stuff them into pocket bread, and add broiled tomatoes and a simple yogurt sauce.
NOTES: Toast pocket bread up to 1 day ahead; cool and store airtight at room temperature.