pneumatic hammer

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a hammer driven by compressed air

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Southeast Directional Drilling uses pneumatic hammers to remove buried pipe for various reasons.
The mills sometimes supported heavy industry such as the manufacture of metal tools using a water-powered pneumatic hammer andlathes.
To further reduce labor requirements, the anchorage system features an onboard pneumatic hammer, which is powered via standard connections to the launcher vehicle or organic CBTs.
Even if we don't particularly thrill to the sight of a pneumatic hammer smashing out at a madly whirling souped-up wok sporting cutting blades, we are all better off for its being available to those who do.
Charles Campbell, 59, says operating the 120lb pneumatic hammer for up to six hours a day for 100 days a year left him with nagging back pain.
The pneumatic hammer was introduced between 1885 and 1890 (powered by steam-driven air compressors) and has pretty much replaced the wooden mallet.
An accelerometer is placed against the log while the log is struck with a pneumatic hammer.
patent for a pneumatic hammer was awarded to Charles B.
Instead Love and Bowen tried out a pneumatic hammer to give them a feel for whether a battery-powered version might be useful," NASA noted.
To eliminate receiving pit excavations at difficult areas such as intersections, trailer parks, near telephone poles, and similar conditions, a reversible Hercules Grundocrack pneumatic hammer with front expander and the 10-ton winch was used for installing 10-and 12-inch pipe for single upsize runs.
Screwdriving, hammering and drilling - through masonry, metal, wood, plastic and even concrete - are easy with the UNEO, which has a pneumatic hammer mechanism, variable speeds and a powerful 14.
Also, a TT Technology 24-inch Taurus pneumatic hammer was on location, which fortunately was never needed.
To effectively decore aluminum castings, the core must first be cracked with a pneumatic hammer.
Also on This Day: 1840: All trade with Great Britain was forbidden by the Emperor of China; 1894: The pneumatic hammer was invented; 1958: Yves Saint Laurent held his first fashion show at the age of 22; 1965: The state funeral of Sir Winston Churchill; 1974: Mount Etna erupted on the island of Sicily.
If the casting is in good enough condition for reuse, the pavement can be knocked off with a sledgehammer or hand-held pneumatic hammer.