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a laminate made of thin layers of wood


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If the ceiling is made from plywood, water is easily absorbed by the wood and soon goes through it causing slippery floor.
Countertops made of ordinary plywood may chip, break, soften or sag slowing down cooking chores.
To make that cabinet last longer even if it gets a daily spray of water when showering, the marine plywood product used for boats can deal with water exposure without breaking up.
has been producing high quality Santa Clara Marine Plywood.
Santa Clara Marine Plywood bears stickers with barcode and tracking number, stamped logo and/or laser etching as marks of superior quality to assure customers that it is the best product for weather-proofing homes.
The BIS has brought out specifications on preservative treatment of plywood for various conditions.
The problem with the GLP method is that only the inner part of plywood is treated and the exposed surface remains untreated and obviously prone to attack by fungus in severe conditions, viz.
Keeping the above-mentioned facts in mind, an experiment was conducted to develop a simple and economical treatment schedule to protect the marine- and shuttering-grade plywood against wood-destroying organisms.
Marine plywood has been extensively used for marine construction purposes.
The plywood was made in two different patterns, Patterns I and II, as listed below.
In structural panel markets, Canadian softwood plywood (CSP) competes directly with oriented strandboard (OSB).
In interior BC, white wood mix, typically composed of spruce-lodgepole pine--alpine fir (SPF), is the primary log supply for softwood plywood manufacturing.
Softwood plywood concrete forms are internationally recognized EWPs for general construction use (APA 2005; CertiWood Tech.
Three E grades of MPB veneer and three E grades of Douglas-fir veneer were used to make 5-ply 33- by 24-inch plywood panels.
3), plywood gluebond quality, parallel-ply bending performance, and dimensional stability were determined.