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Synonyms for plywood

a laminate made of thin layers of wood


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Marine plywood is thicker, harder and sturdier than ordinary plywood.
Raute Oyj develops, produces and supplies plants and machinery for the wood processing industry specialising in plywood, veneer and wood based panels.
Estonian Plywood AS is part of the Estonian forest and wood processing group Lemeks Grupp.
Get used to the idea that plywood is going away and OSB is the future, but OSB needs to be used differently than plywood, especially in highly insulated wall assemblies.
E has led me to investigate this question: "What visible signs of care and liveliness would I see after installing plywood sculptures of flowers, created by the P.
Most of these houses and pieces of furniture, we later found out, were constructed out of marine plywood that came from us,' said Randy Ng, assistant to the president of San Manuel Wood Products Inc.
So I built mine with southern pine PWF plywood with 2x4s in the corners, screwed and glued to the plywood.
Following the offload, Wood Resources, which is part of diversified group Atlas Holdings LLC, will zero in on its plywood activities in the Pacific Northwest, the vendora[euro](tm)s CEO, Kurt Liebich, noted.
The plywood antidumping petition quickly triggered a battle pitting the petitioners, backed by the Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Assn.
consumed an estimated $2 billion of hardwood plywood.
Cut out thin strips of plywood with a sharp chisel and smooth the bottom of the notch with a file.
Japan asks for larger supply of plywood but producers could not easily increase production to meet the requests on scarce basic material.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 7, 2010--CRISIL upgrades Sarda Plywood Industries to BB/P4+(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
THE National Standards Authority of Ireland yesterday issued a warning against faulty Chinese plywood.