plutonic rock

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large mass of intrusive igneous rock believed to have solidified deep within the earth

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The oldest plutonic rocks in the Central plutonic belt are foliated granites that generally yield Floian to Darriwilian (Early to Middle Ordovician) U-Pb (zircon) ages (Whalen 1993; Whalen et al.
The Central Cordillera comprises a pre-Mesozoic polymetamorphic basement intruded by several Meso-Cenozoic plutonic rocks (Toussaint, 1993; Ordonez-Carmona et al.
2, and samples with calc-alkaline affinity (submarine metavolcanics, intermediate plutonic rocks and acid granitoids) characterized by Hf/Th [less than or equal to] 0.
A representative range of pristine to moderately altered volcanic and plutonic rocks were collected (65 in total) in the Huntington Mountain area.
The ultramafic rocks are confined to a thrust slice of the Annieopsquotch ophiolite belt that is bounded by the northwestern shear zone of the Lloyds River Fault Zone, and is separated from the main ophiolitic bodies by plutonic rocks that intruded the Lloyds River Fault Zone syn-kinematically (Fig.
The main plutonic rock types are granite and gabbro/diorite.
This basement is covered and intruded by Jurassic volcano-sedimentary and plutonic rocks of the Saldana Formation and the Mocoa batholiths.
1) consist mostly of Neoproterozoic metasedimentary and plutonic rocks typical of the Bras d'Or terrane of Barr and Raeside (1989) and Raeside and Barr (1990).
This could be explained by the existence of a buttress or rigid obstacle that prevented the progression of thrusting towards the foreland (probably the plutonic rocks of Elqui superunit of the Elqui--Limari batholith).
The plutonic rocks are mantled by lower-grade meta-volcanosedimentary Kladska Unit (Kachlik, 1994).
For example, plutonic rocks can remain above their blocking temperature for millions of years and metamorphic rocks can have their radiometric clocks reset by subsequent reheating, which means that the protolith of these rocks can form long before the radiometric clock begins (Berger and York, 1981).
Lake Mead snakes through the mountains between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, straddling the state line between Arizona and Nevada, and the surrounding territory is a geological candy shop of Tertiary basin-fill sedimentary rocks and volcanic and plutonic rocks, boundaries, structural relief, strike-slip faults, lateral tectonic transport, and other features.
Plutonic rocks of the Gollon Callangate Batholith according fields relationships are Lower Missisipian--Lower Pensilvanian, Some radiometric published data (Sanchez A.
1997, Ultrapotassic plutonic rocks of the durbachite series in the Bohemian Massif: petrology, geochemistry and petrogenetic interpretation, Sbor.