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someone who exercises power by virtue of wealth

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All that money has to go somewhere and luxury items are what the plutocrats buy.
Yes, he still has quite a lot to say, but to put it bluntly, it is ineffectual such as the time, not long ago, when he declared that the club wanted nothing to do with the likes of Stan Kroenke, an American plutocrat with sporting franchises.
To help balance the books, the players and other employees who earn, shall we say above pounds 500,000 a year, could all take a pay cut, but it is more likely that the Toon will come across some Russian plutocrat or Gulfbased oil billionaire whose granny was from Gateshead than that will happen.
The criterion for inclusion in the Rich List was that the plutocrat should at any time have been a racehorse owner.
One such place, protected on most sides by rivers, is run with a cashmere-covered iron fist by ruthless businessman Kaufman (Dennis Hopper, who humanizes the plutocrat with an arsenal of off-the-wall zingers such as, ``Zombies, man, they freak me out'').
LEN LUNGO is the leading trainer at Musselburgh - and he should boost his record there today with Plutocrat in the Marriott Dalmahoy Handicap Hurdle.
Leading course trainer Lenny Lungo has a soft spot for old warhorse Plutocrat.
An eminent historian of the nouveaux-riches and the opulent style has expressed the need for a book on furniture and the decorative arts of the age of the plutocrat, and this work helps fill that gap.
The plutocrat in this camp knows that his foot on everyone else's neck is the natural order of the universe and sees any concessions made to any worker as an unthinkable sign of weakness and as taking away his right to enjoy the highest profit and the most power.
The plutocrat "trusts it to bring security and happiness almost automatically.
He also adds to and revises portraits of three free-colored notables: Julian Raimond, the loudest free-colored voice in the momentous debates about human rights in the French National Assembly in 1789; Vincent Oge, a mulatto plutocrat who died in Saint Domingue one year later leading a free-colored revolt against the whites; and Toussaint Louverture, the most famous leader of the slave revolution, who before 1791 owned and managed slaves as a freedman in an extended family of slaveholders.
The carriage has been kept in immaculate condition, with a table-setting in the dining car showing his taste for fine silver, crystal, decanters and his own bone china dinner service - in short, the style that every robber-baron plutocrat of his day aspired to
He has earned his billions the old-fashioned way: as a fiercely competitive plutocrat, exhibiting no compassion whatsoever for any enterprises but his own.
When summer came, the kidnapping of Mexico's leading plutocrat, Telmex investor Carlos Slim, added to the unsettling picture.
Though debates often reinforce existing perceptions, Romney took steps towards reversing his image as an out-of-touch plutocrat.