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a sign indicating the operation of addition

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3) Add motion: With the help of an adult, poke the metal fastener through the plus sign in the faucet and on page 18.
The plus sign allows you to add elements to the chart, such as titles, data labels, or a legend.
In one functional MRI study involving 36 people aged 8-30 years, when subjects saw a central red plus sign on a screen, they were instructed to look to the other side of a screen, away from a new target.
A minus sign means the price went down; a plus sign means it went up.
In most search engines, a plus sign (+) is equivalent to the Boolean logical operator and, indicating that the word following the plus sign must be in each of the search results.
He records this in the "Rep-Achieved" column (in the table) by writing the first number of reps completed 18) followed by the plus sign and then the second number (2)of reps completed after the 30-second rest.
From bottom to top, the stack included: a cameral manual, a bar of soap with soap suds running down onto a corner of the camera manual, a block of ice melting onto the soap, a basketball in a little depression on top of the block of ice, a person standing at attention on top of the basketball with a big red slash across his body, a magnifying glass with a red handle caught behind the person's ear, a giant green question mark with a large check in front of it on the handle of the magnifying glass, a big red sun creating a red glow on the top of the question mark, an archery target with a red slash across it caught in the sun's rays, an arrow sticking out the top of the target, a green plus sign balanced on the center of the shaft of the arrow, and a huge black rock on top of the plus sign.
Contract awarded for provide and install a set of 4 years multifunction machines and a double eliptica, plus sign that says use by machine specifications
Just touch on the plus sign at the centre of your interactive puzzle to make it full-screen on your device .
If you are the successful bidder you will have to pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price there and then - plus sign all the purchase documents - which are as legally binding as if you had bought by any other route.
RU, Berks So unsatisfactory How unsatisfactory is it that a great three-year-old is retired not just without having raced as a mature animal, but with a plus sign next to his rating because, with his do-no-more-than-necessary style of racing, we simply do not know how superior he was to the opposition from his own age-group?
There were plus signs on the font, plus signs on the books, a plus sign on the far wall, and a plus sign outside on the roof.
Scroll down to Software and click on the plus sign to its left.
Instead, the council candidates' names are listed on the left side of the ballot, with perforations on the right side marked with a plus sign.
Saving and sending functionality: Save recipes to your Favorites by tapping the plus sign on any recipe image.