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mark with a grammatical morpheme that indicates plural


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There are other innovations with respect to the reporting of speech in Mansfield Park, one of which is an increasing depiction of pluralized or collective response.
He describes how the media was a propaganda tool during the Maoist period and has grown with the economic growth of the past three decades, making the media more commercialized, pluralized, and liberalized and providing the government with the means to shape public opinions, while the media has also gained more bargaining power with the state.
he pluralized the plural, or put in the 'absolute plural' [cannot be pluralized further].
In the introduction, Wood presents his concept of a pluralized network of "micro-utopias" to replace the single, monolithic utopias that we encounter in classical utopianism.
Nalkowska, Szmaglewska, Borowski), it is important to remember that the institutionalization of memory during the communist regime left a heritage of reception that discouraged readings that pluralized experience and subject positions, whether from the ethnic, national, or ethical perspective.
In essence, Providence and Empire charts the weakening of Anglican authority on political and cultural matters by charting the increasingly pluralized landscape of Christianity in Britain.
suggest that the history of consensus ecclesiae in early modern period might played the major role in the formation of a pluralized political consciousness.
The analysis contrasted pluralized disciplines such as English studies and political science with tightly unified disciplines such as analytic philosophy and economics.
According to Badiou, the merit of Cantor's invention is to have pluralized the infinite.
In contrast, Justice Alito pluralized the noun "judge," (168) used paired pronouns, (169) and repeated the noun "defendant.
Since power is pluralized into 62 separate votes, the ability of a representative body to conduct the public's business is always reliant on the continued good will and cooperation of its elected members.
claim that, in an increasingly pluralized society, the gap between form and reality has become unacceptably stretched, and examine what are the options for change, including to the religious character of the monarchy.
Isin and Wood (1999) present the notion of a pluralized form of citizenship that offers individuals the capacity to define their own identity based on different cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, gendered, and sexual identities or experiences (including immigration and colonization) and yet remain connected with a social and political collective of humans.
If not, there is little hope for a Baptist witness in a pluralized and consumerized world.
For example, the most notorious sobriquets--"teacher of righteousness," "liar," and "wicked priest" are sometimes pluralized.