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mark with a grammatical morpheme that indicates plural


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This practice (31) reflects back on dominant norms, challenging their naturalness or inevitability, and perhaps helping to ease their hold or to pluralize them.
While it aims to end suffering, subordination, poverty, inequality and exclusion, at the same time, it could potentially lead to a winner-take-all mentality, street nationalism, and disinclination to institutionalize the process to civilianize and pluralize.
I would pluralize if I knew how, but forgive me I used to write sports.
A much-maligned book in some quarters, it was in fact entirely consonant with the New Left's bid to pluralize agency.
The word pluralize is nicely chosen here but every exercise to define "we" also defines the others who are not we.
His goal is "to pluralize our understanding of the philosophical era known as 'the Enlightenment'" (p.
7) We can, therefore, pluralize gakusei/haksayng 'student' as gakusei-tati/haksayng-tul.
At the same time, the tendency to pluralize modernity, such as 'alternative modernities' (Appadurai), puts each 'copy' on 'equal footing'; each is thus potentially commensurable with the others, while simultaneously maintaining the problem of their incommensurability.
Some of the strengths of this collection of essays revolve around a shared refusal to simply reverse the gendered terms of universal anthropological models of kinship, making concerted efforts to contextualize and pluralize familial bonds.
Despite Schoenfeldt's tendency to pluralize a "post-Galenic and post-Cartesian" "we" (127) separate from Herbert's contemporaries, the preoccupations with food and the body that Schoenfeldt delineates often have a decidedly 1990s ring.
Roemer asks fundamental questions about the relationships between the means and ends of socialism; about how to democratize the corporation and the corporate system; about how to create legal and private institutions that truly pluralize and democratize the economy; and so on.
Clearly, though, histories can be turned against History and can become weapons in the battle to pluralize our collective historical memory.
Never add an "s" to pluralize a trademark ("two Sankas");
Academic grammarians seem to prefer writers either to pluralize referents or to avoid pronouns altogether.
Do not abbreviate, hyphenate, pluralize, change the spelling of, or combine word marks.