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the act of pluralizing or attributing plurality to

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At the same time social pluralization, and the pluralization of identity that we find today in Brazilian society--of which, indeed the emergence of the evangelical religions is an expression--is channeled in part by the pluralization of gender identities, forms of family structure and sexuality, and also, in certain currents, even taking the form of an opposition to feminism.
The study aims to show how the proliferation of technical media (understood generally as devices of "world-making") leads firstly to a pluralization of worlds and secondly to a loss of a single coherent epistemological or ontological framework in western culture.
Definition and examples of subcategorized interlingual errors (1) DEFINITION EXAMPLE Grammatical Interference Noun Pluralization Misformation in mass * Homeworks are .
Presidentialization, Pluralization, and the rollback of Itamaraty: explaining change in Brazilian foreign policy making in the Cardoso-Lula era.
The Place of World Englishes in Composition: Pluralization Continued.
7) In times of "crisis"--and many perceive the process of pluralization as a crisis--it seems much easier to enhance clarity of boundaries and avoid confusion about what deserves to be called Catholic theology.
The ProQuest platform supports automatic pluralization.
Thus the task imposed on global politics is to secure the pluralization of different hegemonic projects.
Secularization, Individualization and Pluralization, (Farnham, UK: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2012).
The Indian experience, to take another example, reveals both the pluralization of the impact of cultural globalization and its long-term history [12].
Differentiation, not difference: Connolly draws from Deleuze, whose philosophy does not accommodate static social groups, and who advocates on behalf of a "multi-dimensional" ethos of pluralization which promotes flows of experience across multiple-identity positions, yielding a constantly fluid polity.
McHale lists the following repertoire of devices bearing on characteristics of postmodernism so far as the fictional worlds are concerned: 1) the pluralization of fictional world by juxtaposing this world and the world to come, 2) by creating ontologically heterogeneous worlds by interrupting into the world of beings of different ontological order, 3) the making and un-making of worlds through the proliferation of narrative levels by embedding, stacking and erasure, 4) the wedge between text and the world, and 5) the explosion of the ontological grounding of fictional worlds.
Vattimo's transparent society is part of the "end of history" thesis and the impossibility of thinking history in linear terms accompanied by a radical pluralization of value that abolishes the concept of the media society based on "the ideal of emancipation modeled on lucid self-consciousness" (p.
CONNOLLY, William, The Ethos of Pluralization, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 1995.