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Synonyms for pluralization

the act of pluralizing or attributing plurality to

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In this article, I argue that comparative theology as a particular theological approach is a highly valuable and needed theological approach in light of our contemporary context of pluralization and deserves in principle to be called Catholic.
They do share such similarities as the pluralization of worlds, the mingling of characters of different ontological statuses, and the locations within a gay subculture.
The pluralization of personhood, according to Buddhism, is a vital part of its ontology.
On the way to our current conceptualizations of plural masculinities, one notable bit of good fortune for us was that by the time we came along women's studies had already made a transition to pluralization.
According to the book's cover, "The volume concludes with a debate between Jeffrey Knapp and Anthony Dawson, who read Shakespeare's theatre through conflicting narratives of religious pluralization and secularization.
This necessity grows out of the relativity of values and the pluralization of society" (Cooper, 1998).
Really, education is one of the last places for that to hit, but the trend of modernity is toward pluralization of life choices, and schooling has to submit to that, as do all the other spheres of life.
Note, first, the pluralization of moral hazard[s] and second that this quote contains no bellwether reference to incentives to identify moral hazard.
However, this pluralization of values (or what de la Cadena calls, the 'ontological pluralization of politics')--much like the pluralizations of the nation itself for which the Indigenous movement in Ecuador has long fought--are presently being used in ways that suggest, as one recent observer has put it, that there is little 'post- in the post-neoliberalism' of Rafael Correa (Bebbington and Bebbington 2010; de la Cadena 2010: 360).
New prophetic and cultural theologies are a vivid expression of the inner pluralization and dynamic and diverse contextualization of world Christianity.
P03-105 Clonal pluralization as an interpretative delusion alter autoscopic experience--an extremely rare psychopathological phenomenon.
Power, "Presidentialism, Pluralization and the Rollback of Itamaraty: Explaining Changes in Brazilian Foreign Policy Making in the Cardoso-Lula Era," International Political Science Review, no.
More generally, a pluralization of the population means that proportionately fewer Canadians who are having children possess links, either in person or through family history, to the United Church, seemingly bringing about a decline in the rate of births baptized by the church since the 1970s.
This overgeneralization process could also account for errors such as the regularization of irregular verb forms and irregular noun pluralization, as well as the unnecessary pluralization of non-count nouns.