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Synonyms for plurality

Synonyms for plurality

the state of being plural

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(in an election with more than 2 options) the number of votes for the candidate or party receiving the greatest number (but less that half of the votes)

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21st Century Fox said in today's earnings release, "The Company's pending acquisition of the public shares of Sky has been cleared on public interest and plurality grounds in all of the markets in which Sky operates except the UK, including Austria, Germany, Italy and the Republic of Ireland.
Summary: A strong plurality of Americans opposes banning Muslim or Middle Eastern immigrants or visitors from entering US: Poll
She describes anekantavada as the teaching of plurality, one of the most fundamental teachings of Jainism.
Mr Speaker, on Tuesday I set out that I was minded-to refer the proposed merger of 21st Century Fox and Sky on the genuine commitment to broadcasting standards as well as media plurality grounds.
Key statement: A non-pneumatic tire may include a hub configured to be coupled to a machine, an outer circumferential barrier radially spaced from the hub and configured to be associated with a tread portion of the tire and a plurality of support members extending between the hub and the outer circumferential barrier and being configured to support a load on the hub in tension.
At the meeting, the shareholders re-elected Joseph L Morea as an independent director in Group I by a plurality of all shares voted; Barry M Portnoy was re-elected as a managing director in Group I by a plurality of all shares voted; approved the adoption of the 2017 Management Incentive Plan; and the appointment of RSM US LLP as the company's independent registered public accounting firm, was ratified.
A Fourth Way of Counting to Five: Plurality Precedent and Shared
On the other hand, his critics point out that a majority (60 percent) of total votes cast were not for him, that his 16 million votes were a mere plurality, not a majority, vote.
The patent entails at least one computer readable medium having stored thereon a plurality of instances and a skin aging gene expression signature, wherein each instance comprises an ordered list of identifiers representing a plurality of up-regulated and a plurality of down-regulated genes differentially expressed in response to contact between the cosmetic agent and a human fibroblast cell or a human keratinocyte cell.
Presiding over Mass at "Mar Roukoz Maronite Antonine School" in Riyak during his second day pastoral visit to the Bekaa Valley, al-Rahi said: "Lebanon can only exist with its Christian and Muslim citizens, and its value grows with its plurality and diversity which render it a democratic State in which we can all live together.
Plurality voting--what we use now--is a voting method where you are given a slate of candidates on a ballot, and get to choose one.
WALES could be heading towards a "dangerous" lack of media plurality, MPs investigating the nation's broadcasting have been warned.
Schuette is a plurality opinion, (42) followed by three concurring
A new study examining admission standards found that White evaluators are more likely to change their standards on academic achievement to benefit White applicants when there's an Asian-American plurality on campus; they are less likely to do so when Whites are the dominant group on campus.
Political plurality and a peaceful transition of power.