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the act of pluralizing or attributing plurality to

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The original French text, Mboka Mundele": Africanite, pluralisation religieuse et militarisation des prophetes dans les villes de Brazzaville et Kinshasa', on which this translation is based, is available with the online version of this article at <http://dx.
2) pluralisation is possible (Schwartze even has des matuvus, which is mostly found as m'as-tu-vus)
At the dawn of the third millennium, however, the worldwide growth of religious fundamentalisms as well as the pluralisation and individualization (but not the disappearance) of faith in the West suggest the need for a more nuanced understanding of the relation between secularity, modernity and religion.
For as in other colonial regions (around the Indian Ocean in particular), in Burma rapid religious pluralisation occurred as the combined result of a religiously 'liberal' or 'neutral' colonial state; the migration of multiple religious communities; and the introduction of new methods of religious organisation and communication.
Similarly, Delanty (2006) argues that a central component of cosmopolitanism involves the internal transformation of social and cultural phenomena through self-problematisation and pluralisation while also attending to the critical and reflexive aspects of a cosmopolitan stance.
First, there is 'the prioritisation of crime and the intensification and pluralisation of punishment' where we have seen increasing 'selective incapacitation' and 'selective rehabilitation' (Downes & Van Swaaningen, 2007) which involves a broader range of possible punishments, including restorative justice and a variety of tactics deployed to suppress 'risky' behaviour.
Cependant, dans le temps actuel, avec la diversification politique et culturelle qui definit cette belle epoque, les maisons de jeunes se veulent pour la pluralisation des idees de liberation et pour la promotion d'une culture de democratie et les valeurs de modernite.
It is very commonly found that listeners fail to hear or mishear inflectional suffixes, such as -ed in past and past participle forms, -ing forms, the pluralisation suffix -s/-es.
Overall, she concludes, the multifunctional paradigm has failed to resonate in Canada for three reasons: Canadian decision makers have not seen the need to construct a new legitimation basis for government support of agriculture, there has been no loss of public support for agriculture, and the pluralisation of the farm community continues.
10) Recalling Dewey and the pluralisation of the notion of public (Dewey 1954).
Increased interest in the issue of creative industries has been reflected on the one hand by their dynamically increased importance in national and regional economies [40] and on the other hand it reflects a shift away from used to symbolic value of products [27] as well as broader social changes in the form of pluralisation and individualization (distinction) of life styles [18].
If, indeed, revolution really refers to the spreading and pluralisation of autonomous spaces and practices of self-management and self-organisation (what Bakunin referred to as the organisation of our powers 'outside and against the state') then it is hard to see where the disagreement lies.
Sieverts credits several forces in the production of this urban form: the preconditions of "the worldwide distribution of labour," "the dissolution of the cultural binding forces of the city and the radical pluralisation of city culture which is connected with it," and "the fact that .
Through her analysis of the play, she reveals that a fixed identity is impossible and that the only solution resides in a pluralisation of identities.