pluperfect tense

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a perfective tense used to express action completed in the past

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What summons the poet, what makes him a crucial time signature in James's narrative, is something like the push and pull of elegy, a genre that, in trying to reach back to the distant past, might be said to be the generic equivalent of the pluperfect tense.
Present, past, and pluperfect tense in French: two alternative accounts for their use by normal children and children with SLI
Nevertheless, there is no reason not to use correct English grammar such as "whom" instead of "who" when required in the parts-of-speech sequence, or the pluperfect tense where it belongs in context.
Shanidze labelled the perfect and pluperfect tenses, which in contrast to the aorist (unmarked past form) developed evidential extensions as a secondary meaning, with "I turmeobitf (I evidential i.
4, it seems that the words "and past" have been omitted from the sentence which reads: "The perfect and pluperfect tenses are further elaborated by adding the bound forms of the present (and past?