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Synonyms for pluperfect

a perfective tense used to express action completed in the past

more than perfect

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The potential past condition used verbs in Subjunctive Pluperfect Past ("AaAaAeA@l hubiera trabajado"--rough corresponding to "[if] he had worked") and the potential future condition used Indicative Conditional ("ella se dormirAaAaAeA a"--"she would fall asleep" Note that the selected verb forms stereotypically mark factuality and potentiality in Spanish.
It is a pluperfect or beyond perfect example of the defensive function implied in the creation mythos.
This could have large economic consequences, so Merkley, caught between liberal environmentalists and timber and other agricultural interests, supports a measure that is pluperfect liberalism: Let's spend $15 million to study how birds and bipeds can coexist.
But the euphoria of that first class faded in succeeding weeks when we began to conjugate verbs in the pluperfect and future tenses.
The topics includenarrative tenses for naitre and mourir in French andItalian, toward a unified account of the present perfect in Catalan and English, non-conventional uses of the pluperfect in Italian (and German) literary prose, some observations from the current evolution of the Romanian presumptive, and modals and tense in contemporary European Portuguese and in Old Portuguese.
substance--not a pluperfect fulfillment, or, if so, then only
Roy's wagyu beef sliders, dressed in caramelized onions and chipotle aioli, are outstanding and come with pluperfect sweet potato fries.
The Pluperfect is formed by adding the same past tense suffix to the perfective, a reason to believe that perfective forms used to have a primarily perfect meaning (Dahl 1985, 139).
21) More specifically, they are suppletive in the third person plural of the medio-passive indicative perfect and pluperfect of verbs with consonant-final roots verbs, and the medio-passive subjunctive and optative perfect.
Jerome Charyn's latest novel, Under the Eye of God, is a pluperfect example of an obviously fictional work that conveys the essence of the world.
The fact that major support for "Yayoi Kusama" has been provided by Louis Vuitton is apropos: Kusama's career was largely self-managed via press releases, manifestos, and letters; and in the 1960s she began the lifelong project of what we would now call "branding," eventually landing on the proliferating polka dot as a signature motif that could be applied to any number of surfaces, a move that aligns her with the pluperfect Pop artist Andy Warhol or even with another Vuitton collaborator, Takashi Murakami, and the contemporary cult of "kawai" or "cute.
Durkheim's woman and the Jew as the pluperfect past of the good society.
In describing effective change, Seneca sets forth the idea of self-transformation as a process (mutatio), an aim (ut se mutaret), and an event already effected (note the pluperfect tense of jam mutaverat).
The tenses used in witness statements are present and past, as well as rare instances of pluperfect.
English grammar, while simple in syntax, is still tricky, with its strong verbs (which give trouble here) and use of the pluperfect in a sentence such as "For some months, the king had wanted .