plunk down

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set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise

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However, says Partlan, "It takes a friend telling you that she 'laughed hysterically for two hours--you have to go see it and be sure to wear run-proof mascara' to get you to plunk down the ticket price.
of possibilities Plunk down the winnings, they are mere songs
Before the Internet age, desperate kids had to scour Santa Monica Boulevard or Castro Street in search of "sugar daddies," but with MySpace, Friendster, and Craigslist, the quest for "sponsors" is instantaneous, global, and available to anyone who can plunk down a dollar at an Internet cafe.
Ukra is the owner of West Hollywood's Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium, which has evolved from a quiet haven to an alt-cafe for the famous and the famously health-conscious, a few of whom are willing to plunk down $300 a pot (or $490 an ounce if you want to take some home with you) for his rare 1952 Pu-Ehr tea, the only variety that actually improves with age.
Asking a client to plunk down $60,000 or so now to buy something that sits for two decades without paying back a cent is not likely to go over very well.
Awright," I thought, "I'll plunk down my eight bucks and take a chance"--and it fucking paid off.
If I am not going to trust critics to tell me which movie to plunk down my nine bucks to see, why should I believe the televangelists who insist they know God's plan for my life?
Nothing remarkable-except that these women are talking about death, and they are getting ready to plunk down an average [yen]380,000 for a prepaid funeral.
Of course, if you want an off-the-shelf, precision-machined, "one-and-one-half-inch" model 1911, treat yourself to one of Ed Brown's fine 1911's, or do some very serious shopping around before you plunk down your hard-earned cash.
Consumers of both fair trade and organic foods, their proponents say, tend to be socially conscious people willing to plunk down the extra dollars.
People who enjoy breathing have a lot to worry about: Bush plans to weaken pollution-control requirements for utilities and plunk down 1,300 new power plants nationwide.
Well, if you've got a lot of wire to run, plunk down $20 for the PowerFast CableTacker.
The left-wing Italian daily Il Manifesto was more caustic, carrying a cartoon on its front page showing Bush with his eyes closed, ready to plunk down his finger randomly on a spinning globe, under the caption "Ready to Strike.
You don't just plunk down one of these machines on the floor and say here I am," cautions Ferromatik's Hare.
Intelligent, well-educated people will plunk down $25 for a book that claims you can lose weight by eating chocolate, or cutting out fat, or cutting out carbohydrates, or eating foods in certain combinations, or eating as much as you want of whatever you want.