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Synonyms for plunder

Synonyms for plunder

to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

goods or property seized unlawfully, especially by a victor in wartime

Synonyms for plunder

goods or money obtained illegally

plunder (a town) after capture


Related Words

destroy and strip of its possession

References in classic literature ?
Besides the plunderers, very various people, some drawn by curiosity, some by official duties, some by self-interest- house owners, clergy, officials of all kinds, tradesmen, artisans, and peasants- streamed into Moscow as blood flows to the heart.
He said that all anti-development elements had united against the PML-N, but the people of Pakistan were fully aware of true faces of the plunderers.
The time of plunderers is over and if those who looted the country are removed, all problems will be solved as there is no dearth of honest and hardworking individuals in the country,' said Allama Rizvi.
ISLAMABAD -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal has directed that petitions be filed in the respective Accountability Courts (ACs) for early hearing of corruption cases so that wealth amounting to Rs 900 billion looted by plunderers from national kitty be recovered from them.
The same court had rejected Estrada's initial request for bail after upholding an information sheet that identified Estrada and his chief of staff Pauline Labayen as the main plunderers in the case.
The JI chief further said that the plunderers of public wealth would not escape accountability as the nation was determined to bring them to the dock.
The Vikings, Scandinavia's seafaring warriors from the 8th to 11th centuries, are best known as plunderers and killers.
Modi said the mother and son have never gone through the pangs of penury and asked the people of Uttarakhand to overthrow the government of plunderers who have looted the people and stashed their money abroad.
Apartheid was a busted As Mandela accepted odious Overseas' plunderers cronies flush that would have died from international censure.
I think that it is time for a prime minister calling his citizens plunderers to go.
And while Andrew Strauss will be under intense pressure on his 100th Test, he has a sensational Test record on his home ground and senior colleagues Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell and Matt Prior are regular plunderers at the venue.
We are sending today a clear and unequivocal message that the armed resistance and the armed struggle are our strategic choice and way in order to liberate the Palestinian land from the sea (Mediterranean) to the river (Jordan) and to expel the intruders and plunderers from the land of Palestine," said Haniyeh.
I should have let those populists and plunderers to drown completely," quipped the angry PM.
So with their obscene profits and miserable rents for farmers these landscape plunderers are laughing all the way to the bank.