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having an ornamental plume or feathery tuft

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Plumose setae and aesthetascs are present on the peduncle, and simple setae on the antennular flagellum were noted, from stage I larvae to adults.
The subgenus Frendelia is similar to the subgenus Scotominettia, but the latter has the following diagnostic characters: face having small or indistinctive elliptical protuberances on lower margin; arista being short plumose with longest setulae shorter than half of 1st flagellomere or pubescent with microscopic hairs; base of wing being yellow; pregonites being absent and postgonites having a pair of coniform or subuliform process; phallus being membranous or sclerotized, square or rectangular and blunt or truncated apically.
Exopod (scaphognathite) margin with 4 plumose setae and a setose posterior stout process.
Consolidated A9 and A10 segments constitute ventrally flat cremaster, which has short crochets in ventral position, and long white plumose setae in margin.
It is colonised by marine life, with a dense carpet of plumose anemones , sea urchins and brittle stars.
In dunes and sandy areas, vegetation available are Stipa plumose, Alheagi carnelorum, Tamarix sp.
1G) Endites separated by shallow notch and with multiple setae; bilobed epipod; endopod 4-segmented with 6, 3, 3, 4 setae; exopod with 14 plumose natatory setae; terminal segment with 3 terminal spines and 1 subterminal spine.
Four pairs of biramous swimming legs composed of a precoxa, coxa, basis, exopod, and endopod; with plumose setae on all exopods, endopods, coxae, and bases.
The bride carried a bouquet of white calla lilies, stephanotis, and dendrobium spray orchids mixed with English ivy and plumose greens.
Each urogomphus bore a small sensillum proximally and numerous, long, hair-like sensilla, arising laterally to produce a plumose appearance.
The shells would provide new habitat for sea cucumbers, prawns, crabs, mussel, plumose, anemones and bat stars.
In the Mask of the highly polished Night of the Medici Chapel [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED], we see the "metamorphosis" of marble - the "poetry" of stone - from the rough-hewn passages above the Mask to the relatively more finished, but still coarse stuffs above the head, to the more polished face and, finally, to the refined, highly finished, and indeed plumose, beard.
Diagnosis: The following combination of characters will assist in recognition of Karliella as being distinct from other anthomyiid genera: femora and tibiae extensively or wholly light-coloured, ochre-brown to yellow; abdomen with paired dark spots at anterior margins of tergites III-V, both laterodorsally and ventrally; arista plumose, longest rays at least 2/3 as long as width of postpedicel; upper occiput bare below postocular setae; vein C bare on the dorsal surface and setulose on the ventral surface; hind tibia with 1-4 pd setae, none of them reaching half the length of hind tarsomere 1, and with a short apical pv seta.
0 mm long, that ripen in midsummer and are tipped with soft, plumose, purplish tails (styles) that with maturity fade to pink or almost white.
two-armed, flagellate); pappus of one to more series of bristles, equal to unequal in length, scabrid to plumose, capillary to somewhat rigid and paleaceous, reduced to a crown of fringed scales, or absent.