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Synonyms for plumelike

resembling a plume


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In several regions, such as south of the Indonesian island of Java or in the Coral Sea northeast of Australia, P-wave and S-wave images show broad, plumelike features rising from the base of the mantle but extending only halfway to Earth's surface.
Sand Hollow squirreltail--named for its showy, plumelike heads--grows up to 20 inches tall.
Slightly arching fronds have a soft, plumelike texture.
Showing restraint - resisting the plumelike flowers of pampas grass until we know for sure whether the supposedly non-invasive species really is so, forgoing the purple stalks of loosestrife until we are sure it will not invade in California the way it has in New England - doesn't seem much to ask.
They range from the familiar standard poodles to the Chinese crested breed, which has a hairless body and plumelike hair coming from its head and tail.