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having or covered in plumage

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The victory added another feather in the already plumaged cap of bloodstock agent David Redvers, who still owns the Oliver Sherwood-trained winner.
The forest is a place full of magnificently plumaged birds so her mission demands the utmost creativity and daring.
The brashly singing, beautifully plumaged Kirtland's Warbler is five-plus inches of unabashed energy cloaked in gray, black, brown, and bright yellow.
Unlike the vast majority of bird species, females compete for males and are consequently more brightly plumaged.
But after an initial slump, numbers of the dark plumaged ducks have recovered, and Alex Banks, formerly of the Wetland and Coastal Ecology Unit, said the bay was now almost back to its previous state.
For example, among infrahumans, peak shift has been invoked as a mechanism underlying the evolution of aposematism (warning coloration) among prey (Gamberale & Tullberg, 1996; Gamberale-Stille & Tullberg, 1999; Leimar, Enquist, & Sillen-Tullberg, 1986), the sexual selection among birds for elaborately plumaged males (Weary, Guilford, & Weisman, 1993), and the preference for supernormal stimuli displayed by many species (Ghirlanda & Enquist, 1998, 1999, 2003; Staddon, 1975).
These fashion icons have engaged in this plumaged indulgence and set off a flock of trendy knockoffs in all price ranges, seen on everything from fans to fantasy gowns by Jessica McClintock, Zum Zum and Bonjour.
It is also distinctively plumaged, the head and underparts a bright yellow-orange with contrasting brownish-black upperparts.
Similarly plumaged, sexes are not readily distinguished unless sexed using molecular techniques (Port and Greeney 2012).
Curled up in all sorts of uncomfortable positions, the brightly plumaged sisters vied with their stronger brethren in seeking balmy sleep.
Pterodroma Mollis is the Latin name for a kind of seabird known as the Soft Plumaged Petrel.