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having or covered in plumage

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They're stunningly plumaged, and currently present in enormous numbers.
Part 1 concludes with a section titled 'Difficult species-pairs' illustrating similarly plumaged birds which are often difficult to separate or identify in the wild.
A full summer plumaged male Yellowthroat, photographed in Cuba Picture: STEVE CULLEY
The victory added another feather in the already plumaged cap of bloodstock agent David Redvers, who still owns the Oliver Sherwood-trained winner.
The forest is a place full of magnificently plumaged birds so her mission demands the utmost creativity and daring.
The brashly singing, beautifully plumaged Kirtland's Warbler is five-plus inches of unabashed energy cloaked in gray, black, brown, and bright yellow.
Unlike the vast majority of bird species, females compete for males and are consequently more brightly plumaged.
Look for brightly plumaged goldfinches flitting among chicory plants gathering seeds, flashing yellow around the true blue flowers.
But after an initial slump, numbers of the dark plumaged ducks have recovered, and Alex Banks, formerly of the Wetland and Coastal Ecology Unit, said the bay was now almost back to its previous state.
For example, among infrahumans, peak shift has been invoked as a mechanism underlying the evolution of aposematism (warning coloration) among prey (Gamberale & Tullberg, 1996; Gamberale-Stille & Tullberg, 1999; Leimar, Enquist, & Sillen-Tullberg, 1986), the sexual selection among birds for elaborately plumaged males (Weary, Guilford, & Weisman, 1993), and the preference for supernormal stimuli displayed by many species (Ghirlanda & Enquist, 1998, 1999, 2003; Staddon, 1975).
A soft wind lifts my heavy body from the rock-cut seat and drops it at the center of her brightly plumaged altar, bedecked with stacks of rice cakes, hard candy, pears, apples and folk decor all meant to call forth the agitated spirits of a variety of Korean gods.
I want nothing more than to walk the way he does, watchful and alert, more incongruent here than a rare plumaged bird whose colors remain unbesmirched by the drabness of winter.
The native flocks--warmly plumaged and observing the newcomer's crippled condition--flew away to their sheltered roosts, while the parrot, in its bright jungle colors, climbed poignantly, stoically higher, to wait in silence to nibble needles and freeze.
In an era of mass democracy, advanced industrialisation, unprecedented urban growth and the beginnings of aristocratic decline, the elaborate layers and gradations of empire, which were underpinned by, and helped underpin, the newly revived monarchy, served to persuade the British that they continued to inhabit an ordered society, and to persuade those plumed and plumaged proconsuls that even in the era of Lloyd George, the patricians remained at the top of the social hierarchy.
Many have provided conclusive evidence that females prefer more conspicuously colored males or that more brightly plumaged males perform better in intrasexual competition (e.