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Marianna 2624', another cultivar of plum tree evaluated in this study, obtained different results from those found in 'Julior during the experiment.
The Plum Tree provides an unusual point of view on the Holocaust.
Such wares include porcelain vessels decorated in underglaze cobalt-blue or underglaze iron-red with bamboo or plum trees, or a variety of wild flowers and plants, either individually or in clusters.
As far back as I can remember, the arrival of the first budding plum meant that a man with two different colored eyes, an immigrant whose name I couldn't pronounce, would come over and do my mother a favor by climbing a ladder and covering our plum trees with nets.
A: The productivity of plum trees drops off dramatically at 15 to 20 years of age, so this may be the reason for your small crop.
I followed the path around the pond to where the ume, Japanese plum trees, were in bloom.
2 acres for $210,000 in April from Plum Tree Properties, led by Alvin Gentry.
August 7, 2004 Roswell, GA Open House at Plum Tree Yoga: Complimentary 30-minute classes in Svaroopa yoga, pilates and hatha yoga, 12-3pm.
There is a plum tree right outside the front door to Ryan's basement suite, so just prior to departure Moses climbed the tree in order to lob the fruit down to me.
In every other way," says Scorza, "C5 acts like a normal plum tree.
It currently boasts $130 million under management, and has investments in 27 companies including Supplybase, Plum Tree Software, Silicon Energy, All Bases Covered, and nCommand.
I have had a plum tree in my garden for 13 years and have just looked after it very well and pruned it regularly,' he said.
I believe that Frank Shorter was right when he said: "What we do is shake the plum tree, choose three plums, and let the rest rot for four years.
Instead of Clara, a child actress named Lotta Crabtree in 1850s California takes the journey from home to encounter the Sugar Plum Faerie Queen and Cavalier beneath the boughs of an ancient plum tree, a reminder of the Asian influence on the settling of the West.
Blossoming plum tree coronal toast, cankered and burned.