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someone who is an active supporter and advocate

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The FS snugs up on the tailback while Sam becomes the plugger.
21 shows a dog plugger giving another dog plugger a haircut.
Crawford, whose grandfather was a Tin Pan Alley song plugger and music publisher in the 1920s, said he was born with a love of vintage music, but it took him a long time to parlay that interest into a career.
The Plugger vs David May Find out why the ex-Man United star hates Arsene Wenger and Leeds fans at bit.
He was infatuated with me, '' said the former record plugger.
Mark entranced her with stories of his time as an unsuccessful plugger to BRMB, involving such activities as desperately trying to get the station to play Unfinished Symphony by Massive Attack - BRMB never did.
CLAIRE from Steps was seen recently with her new boyfriend, record company plugger Reece.
Swen Festival The Cardiff-based music festival, launched by BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens along with music plugger John Rostron, goes from strength to strength.
Fenners vs The Plugger Find out why the former Soccer AM funnyman thinks Mancini is the hardest Prem boss at http://bit.
The Forester is obviously no heavyduty mud plugger - it's allwheel-drive system splits power 50/50 front to rear unless slip is detected - but it's well capable of coping with less demanding off-road conditions.
First, though, Chiswick-born Barker, who adopted the stage name of Eric James, played in hotels and theatres, before taking a job as a song plugger for the Sun music publishers in London.
The singer continued playing gigs with his band Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich until near the end, said his record plugger Sean Cooney.