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someone who is an active supporter and advocate

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Condensation of the remaining thermoplasticized material was performed in the apical third with a cold plugger.
6 shows the FS on the F, Sam takes the T, while Mike becomes the plugger.
I didn't go to the first one when there were only about 200 people there, but the first few years were brilliant because I had never been to anything so intimate and it felt like you had discovered something," says Paul, who works as a music plugger in Cardiff.
In the NHL, a segment of fans tried to elect Rory Fitzpatrick, a nondescript plugger forward, to the All-Star Game, but their mock campaign fell short.
The product line includes four water-based micro-emulsion sealers including Okon W-1 Water-Repellent Sealel, Okon Multi-Surface Water-Repellent Sealer, Okon W2 Water-Repellent Sealer and Okon Plugger Water-Repellent Sealer; and two water-based silane/siloxane penetrating sealers including Okon S-20 Water-Repellent Sealer and Okon S-40 Heavy Duty Water-Repellent Sealer.
Each unit is sold with a Duct Plugger which greatly reduces water entry into the duct.
In the mud around Loch Ness, and even in the shallows of the loch itself, the Yeti proved itself a capable mud plugger.
He said: "A friend is a song plugger in America and he placed it with the agency making the Dentyne commercial.
Certain parts of the country tend to inspire more plugger ideas than others, he said.
We need a plugger in the lane and a we need a guy to rebound.
1993 was the year Intermedia was born; Steve Tandy a young budding plugger had the ambition of creating the biggest independent regional promotions team
Total quantity or scope: lot 1: Autoclave-4piece, lot 2: Pupinel - 2 pcs, lot 3: Plugger electric condensation - 2 pcs, lot 4: Scalpel based ultrasound interventions tissues tough - 2 pcs, lot 5: Scanner intraoral - 2 pcs, lot 6: Articulator semi-adaptable - 10 pcs, lot 7: Articulator totally adaptable - 2 pcs, lot 8: computer axiografie System - 1 piece