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a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities

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Chrome, Internet Explorer, and FireFox have all stated that they will eliminate--or severely limit--the use of plug-ins at some time in the near future, a move that will change web browsing for many, and will also change the way certain media is accessed by the user.
It delivers the tightest integration and lowest latency of any live plug-in system, without the expense and complexity of outboard solutions.
com)-- After making its mark on mobile apps and games, IndiaNIC Infotech, a leading offshore web designing and development and mobile apps development company, has now achieved another milestone as the company has received huge response for the WordPress plug-ins developed by its WordPress developers.
Opera 64-bit builds also have an interesting feature, that the 64-bit Opera can use 32-bit plug-ins as well.
And the most intrusive aspect of an applet or plug-in, it simply adds more "stuff' to the end-user's machine, as much as 15 MB.
Flash is a plug-in that enables viewing of high-quality graphics and animation.
Too many plug-ins can lead to browser bloat because the plug-in applications take over a respectable share of memory real estate.
New Software Grants Aperture Compatibility to Topaz Photoshop Plug-Ins
com as a resource for their premium WP theme and plug-in needs.
Eventually, browsers will support XForms natively, and even plug-ins won't be necessary.
New features provide "no-cost" Eclipse plug-ins to Embedded Developers
Developers can download the free set of plug-ins for Eclipse, which are now a standard part of the StreamBase Developer Edition, by visiting the newly re-launched StreamBase Developer Zone [See also STREAMBASE ANNOUNCES NEW DEVELOPER ZONE TO AID & ACCELERATE BUILD OF COMPLEX EVENT PROCESSING APPLICATIONS].
Alien Skin Software today released Snap Art[TM], an all new plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other image editors.
Implementation onto existing Eclipse installation as a plug-in: To support users who already develop with Eclipse, Workbench can now be installed as a set of plug-ins to an existing Eclipse 3.
openQRM Users Can Reduce Power Consumption in the Data Center Via Integration with Dell DRAC, HP ILO, and Intel IPMI Enabled Systems Using New Plug-In Offerings