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Synonyms for pluckiness

Synonyms for pluckiness

the trait of showing courage and determination in spite of possible loss or injury

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While we recognise Oriana's pluckiness in refusing discipline, Mr Beardley's positioning within schooling discourse also offers us pause for reflexivity as supervisors.
Her pluckiness also won attention from 'fairy godmother' Dale Winton on BBC1's Dear Father Christmas show when she was 11.
Regrettably, the Tennessee sparrow isn't actually there onstage, but she's creditably channeled by Megan Hilty in the Doralee role, from the boobs-and-bouffant look to the twangy vocals and the disarming mix of down-home charm and pluckiness.
Before the concession Villa surprised a nervy United side with their pluckiness as Ashley Young, Nicky Shorey and Agbonlahor all whipped over threatening crosses, before Darren Fletcher's knee stopped a Carew header creeping inside Edwin Van Der Sar's right-hand post.
There is no need to comment here on the verbal pluckiness of al-Khansa', which many European and feminist critics might well envy.
You've got to admire the company's pluckiness -- at the end of the annual meeting, Rick Surkamer, Sun-Time's chief operating officer asked, "Why are we all here and not out selling advertising?
In response to adversity, Government urges the 'business as usual' approach; pluckiness, though, will probably inflame rather than deter whoever the enemy might be.
On the other hand, the province also gained a measure of confidence in its ability to survive difficult times, and displayed a pluckiness epitomized by the popular bumper sticker, "Let the Eastern bastards freeze in the dark," and personified by then premier Peter Lougheed, who challenged Ottawa both in the courts and by reducing oil shipments to the East.
But tenacity and pluckiness do not bestow immortality; only speakers can do that, and only as long as they and their culture are one.
Nonetheless, Marakami is such a good story teller that despite the unbelievable aspects of the plot, the endearing qualities of Nakata and the pluckiness of Kafka will keep the reader going through this lengthy modern novel.
Such deracination and pluckiness early in his life have provided him with a talent for grasping opportunity and for valuing the virtue of hard work.
Those born in figurative duck-yards need pluckiness, not mere patience, to attain swanhood.
The first, and kinder, viewpoint is that it represents a stunning example of Swiss pluckiness and resistance to government interference in all matters, including finance.
Enid's determination at seventy-five "to make some changes in her life," even after the loss of Alfred, reveals the pluckiness that sustains her and her family through both illness and misfortune.