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Synonyms for plowing

tilling the land with a plow


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She had told Anne to be sure and have tea ready at five o'clock, but now she must hurry to take off her second-best dress and prepare the meal herself against Matthew's return from plowing.
I got out several cords of stumps in plowing, which supplied me with fuel for a long time, and left small circles of virgin mould, easily distinguishable through the summer by the greater luxuriance of the beans there.
An' when he was seventy-four, his second wife had twins, an' he died when he was plowing in the field with oxen when he was ninety-nine years old.
NEW YORK, July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Plowing and Cultivating Machinery in US$ Million.
Recession Impact on Plowing and Cultivation Market in Retrospect II-6
Stay safe by never driving over 10 mph while plowing.
SUTTON - Just in time for the inevitable winter snowfall, selectmen have ironed out a policy on plowing private roads.
But that ended in 2005, when budget cuts after a failed Proposition 2-1/2 override prompted town officials to decide to stop plowing and sanding private roads.
While Elisha is plowing, Elijah throws the prophetic mantle on him.
By plowing less using no-till farming methods, farmers are getting higher crop yields and using fewer inputs such as water, pesticides, and tractor fuel.
In many situations, vibratory plowing can make installations with significantly less turf damage than open-cut methods," says Greenwell.
To Valentino, his collection - of which the machinery on display at the fair is just a part - is an attempt to re-create farm life of his boyhood at the tail end of the Great Depression, when much of the pulling and plowing work was still done by horses and mules.
Instead, the study suggests, farmers should consider cultivating their fields after dusk in order to prevent weed seeds that are briefly churned up during plowing from soaking up the sun they need to sprout.
In addition, PennDOT trucks and some Turnpike trucks are equipped with a wing plow (a plow attached to the side of the truck) that increases total plowing width to about 16 to 18 feet.
To maximize plowing efficiency, a fully offsetting pre-ripper is also available.