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Synonyms for plowing

tilling the land with a plow


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A woman who was plowing 100 acres with one horse offered a testimonial published in a 1908 issue of the Rural New Yorker:
When I was plowing, many times the inspector would tell us to go back to an area.
Incremental plowing is used, which means the plow cuts to a precisely defined depth, set as a function of coal hardness, regardless of seam structure or faults.
But here is the question that looms for me: Since Elisha leaves his plow and Jesus uses plowing to remark on human timidity, is the call to prophecy (for Elisha) and to discipleship (for those around Jesus) a denigration of normal and necessary work in this world?
Reeves is especially concerned with the effects of plowing on releasing carbon dioxide.
The wing juts out from the passenger side of the truck, and allows the operator more precise control over the direction of his plowing.
Instead, the study suggests, farmers should consider cultivating their fields after dusk in order to prevent weed seeds that are briefly churned up during plowing from soaking up the sun they need to sprout.
Few farm jobs give greater satisfaction than tractor plowing a field.
A yes vote means the city will continue plowing certain unaccepted streets.
In many situations, vibratory plowing can make installations with significantly less turf damage than open-cut methods," says Greenwell.
CAPTION: Left: Images on this postcard, which was mailed in 1915, show "farm boys" converted to soldiers destined for the battlefields of World War I, and a 13-year-old back on the farm, plowing with a Le Roy plow.
SUTTON - Just in time for the inevitable winter snowfall, selectmen have ironed out a policy on plowing private roads.
The geometry of our designs allows the vibrator to `float' at the proper operating depth and transfers weight to both the front and rear axles of the plow tractor, increasing plowing efficiency and minimizing transfer of vibration to the tractor.
To maximize plowing efficiency, a fully offsetting pre-ripper is also available.
The plow has its own diesel power source for loading and moving into position on jobs and to power hydraulics, but during plowing, it is pulled forward by a steel cable attached to a 140-ton hydrostatic-powered winch mounted on the traction vehicle.