plow horse

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a horse used to pull a plow


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While once the bucking bronco of energy markets with its price ups and downs, natural gas has been handling itself rather like a 14-year-old plow horse with its slow and steady price changes.
A lot of reps that are successful today are realizing that if you're still on a plow horse, you're not going to win the race," Sprague said.
While you can't make a plow horse into a race horse, when you consider that the bike weighs some 725 lb.
But one does not learn to ride a gallop on a plow horse.
No such problem for Hart fullback Todd Hourigan, a sure-footed short-yardage plow horse if ever there was one.
But at 5-foot-11, 195 pounds, with the demeanor of a mouse and the work ethic of a plow horse, Hohman quietly embodies everything the Northridge baseball team professes to be.
Preem's visual highlight was the arrival of star Sacha Baron Cohen in a dilapidated "limo" made from welded-together cars pulled by a pair of plow horses.
We have a bond,'' she said of the 1-ton Percheron that was once half of a team of Amish plow horses.
My mother used to tell a story about Maude, one of her father's plow horses, who discovered how to unlatch the corral gate.
But instead of finding a stable of greyhounds, he was met by a roster filled with plow horses.
It's the only one that comes in a single color - chestnut - and the only one developed exclusively for farm work, all others have historically enjoyed dual roles as both carriage and plow horses.